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Spread 259 – The Making Of Choices April 22, 2015

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259-The Making Of Choices“…the choice each day presents:  do we exist solely within our personal tragedies or do we weave life from a place of empowered wisdom?” –Erin faith Allen

Spread 258 – Dressing The Naked March 18, 2015

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258-Dressing The Naked

My Journal

Spread 255 – Payne’s Gray February 26, 2015

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255-Payne's Gray

Working working working on the pages of my animal anatomy book, the one I got from my good, good to me friend. Altering them, to almost no recognition. Witnessing once again my sweet and comforting uncertainties, the ones that make me, me. In utter love with Payne’s Gray. In the middle of black and blue, where mystery resides. In excitement to see what will decide to stay after the constant movement from veiling to unveiling. Claiming advancement. Going back to the knowing that all falls into place in the end, since the beginning of time. All sorts of things end up here, including a piece of very worn out tarp found by the river that is connected to the ocean by the coast of Oregon. Payne’s Gray from the tube creating background to receive the miraculously matching Payne’s Gray that is engrained in the tarp. It’s really not Payne’s gray any more. It’s mine now.

Spread 254 – Miss Me February 17, 2015

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254-Miss Me

Spread 253 – Found in Assertion February 8, 2015

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253-Found in Assertion

I’ve been living the illusion of being free and at the same time with the knowing that I wasn’t at all. Next week I’ll turn 56 and can say, ever so delicately, that I am free, that I feel it in my body, and that I feel it not being an illusion. I feel like I earned every line in my skin. I feel all my flaws huddling, rushing to tell a truer story about who I’ve been and where I am going. I am not ashamed of my self.

Spread 252 – Light Air In Between February 6, 2015

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252-Light Air In Between

Hug me tight and then let go.

Spread 251 – Almost Back February 5, 2015

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251-Almost Back

My 2015 Schedule December 19, 2014

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Dear true Art-Journalers,

This year I am looking to deepen
the practice of art journaling,
to find wholeness,
to find me: the individual,
you: community,
and place: man-made and not.
I am looking to deepen
my understanding
of how all is interconnected
in beautiful and mysterious ways.
Will you join me
sometimes this year?
00--2015 Schedule
More information will be available soon here on my blog at Workshops and Retreats and always available by emailing me at: orlyavineri@gmail.com

Spread 250 – Sit At Home December 8, 2014

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250-Sit At HomeI stayed at your homes, I never knew how to make one my own.

Congratulations…Lura Brown December 1, 2014

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You have won a copy of my book IN MY BONES: A visual journal

39. Lura Brown – November 23, 2014 [Edit]

“art heals. i volunteer for a non profit and that is our belief. in over 9 years we have helped so many thru so much with art. for me personally i have had many struggles and art has helped me thru it always. 2015 proves to be my most difficult year yet, making many huge hard changes but i know that journaling will help me thru it. of course with the help of your book it would be even that much more healing. love you orly. thanks you so much for the chance to win one. you are one amazing artist and still on my bucket list to meet. xoxo”

Please email me at orlyavineri@gmail.com with your address so I can send it to you asap!!

XO Orly



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