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Spread 274 – Knowing October 6, 2015

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274-My Dream

Spread 273 – Here And There September 29, 2015

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273-Here And There

Living in the background of stories, left alone in lifeless remnants. Whether revived or turned to something else, almost always from ashes beauty comes to the foreground.

21 SECRETS – GIVEAWAY!! September 15, 2015

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Promo photo

Cathy Thompson Walters (Comment 64) and Cynthia Taylor (Comment 129) You are both the winners of my giveaway of 21 SECRETS Fall 2015!! Yes yes yes!!! Isn’t it pretty cool?

————————————————————————————————————————–In just a couple of weeks, on September 28 to be exact, the 21 SECRETS Fall ebook will be released to people who registered!!

It’ll be offering over 25 hours of videos and 150+ pages of full color photos, and instructions by 21 Art Journaling enthusiasts.

I’ll be presenting my class The Secret Lives of Paint Drippings. I’ve worked hard to come up with a colorful and rich offering in hopes to inspire you to explore more ways to be you in this beautiful, honest, and humble practice we call Art Journaling.

2-Found in Assertion

To learn more and to register please go to http://tinyurl.com/ozbhw65

To win a free spot (out of two available) in this Fall session of 21 Secrets (value of $98) please leave a comment here, and be sure to include your email address so I can contact you if you win, and your full name please!

If you are interested, don’t linger, this offer will be available for 3 days only. On Friday morning, 9AM, PT, I will randomly pick two winners and announce their win here on my blog and on FB.

That will be right before I leave to teach in San Miguel in Mexico, and when I come back it’ll be right before 21 Secrets will be released! I am super excited!! I hope you’ll join me!

Fall 2015 large


Spread 272 – Distress Inks September 13, 2015

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272 Distress Inks

In his talk yesterday David Whyte was describing the different types of people who take up the route of The Camino de Santiago in Spain on a quest for spiritual growth. One of the types was “the one who is bullied to join the more eager one”. Bullied was an interesting word choice as you would think who takes such a long pilgrimage route without wholeheartedly wanting to do it? I had to think very hard about that. I got stuck with that among other things. As usual it always comes back to the self-absorbed, me. Aren’t we all? I thought to myself, I never want to be bullied to do anything as wonderful as someone else claims it be, so why would another want that? I have my own inspiration, rhythm, timing, time to sink into the existing, and time to innovate. Then I was further thinking, I am myself a bully. With my eagerness I bully people I love into doing things that I insist would be “incredible” for them. I swam in my experiential pool for a while more and found pattern and examples of me bullying my kids, other family members, my friends, students, strangers even, rushing them, cornering them into “beautiful” spaces that they may not be ready to explore or experience, and may never be ready. That made me very sad to realize this about myself. Many of us do this to each other on a much much larger and more aggressive scale, in much more harmful ways; Culture to culture, religion to religion, gender to gender, and so on. It’s much more subtle than the kind of bullying we know of. The kind that goes on in closed doors or between nations and continents. Yet very harmful I believe. I am going to work on it…I am going to try to mind and tend to my own business. My journaling, my trusted companion, can take all my bullying and all the inks of my distress…humans on the other hand, not so much.

Spread 271 – Poverty September 7, 2015

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Spread 270 – Two Kinds August 25, 2015

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270-Two Kinds

Those who turn off the light in others, and those who turn it on. Radiate it, give it. Your and my choice. Oversimple but true.

Spread 269 – Burn Out August 21, 2015

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269-Burn Out

Ironically, sometimes, from the most extreme exhaustion comes an unforeseeable fire of life, the most robust expression and beyond that, an explosion of ideas to store for the future. These burned out papers were found down the cliff by the ocean where it seems like a campfire was built to commemorate a surfer that died in this particular spot. Letters were written, it seems by teenagers, and burnt. I guess, I imagine these to be what’s left. I could be completely mistaken. Inspiration comes in many earthy yet etherial ways. Blessed am I to notice, or have friends that notice such dainty things. Collaborators.

Spread 268 – Pacify Me July 24, 2015

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268-Pacify Me

Spread 267 – A Pile Of Agains July 20, 2015

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267-A Pile Of Agains

In order to recall that very young person we once were, you know, the one who made glorious and free-natured marks on any found surface, a wall, a table, a piece of paper, a book, we need just one little bit of inspiration. That one little bit has to be NEW in order to open up all gates of vigor. NEW in order to invite in fear and fierceness all at once, the mixture that a creative state of mind is made of. Such inspiration arrived one day in a sturdy envelope. Three little stencils came out and immediately sparked that bit of inspiration in me. Three little stencils with mostly words on them. Not the usual words like “love”, “gratitude”, “hope”, but words that evoke something else I was yet to explore. Words like “alone”, “abandon”, “enough” and “false.” Aah, sweet newness!      These stencils were designed by my friend, the high-spirited and most generous Seth Apter and I am so happy I got to access my “Pile of Agains” through their use. The three stencils are produced by StencilGirl Products and are being launched today. Learn more at Seth’s The Altered Page…and then get you some newness.


Spread 266 – A Woman of Many Attachments June 23, 2015

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266-A Woman of Many Attachments


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