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IN MY BONES: A visual journal – The Book – Giveaway November 23, 2014

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Givaway picI just returned from San Miguel de Allende, in Mexico, where I had the most luxuriant time teaching, learning, being and engaging in the most profound experiences humankind has to offer. Seriously. Until I digest the abundance of it all and be able to share some of it with you, I’d like to offer you one of these little pink printed journals.

That’s my new book IN MY BONES: A visual journal. Behind all my journaling, teaching, and book making, is my deepest wish to share my gaping need to speak with whoever wants to listen about this incredible form of expression which I believe brings about intense changes, miracles of sorts, both personal and most certainly far-reaching.

Some have gotten the opportunity to peruse the pages of the book and find something luring there for themselves. This is a chance for anyone, whether you have it or not to receive a copy from my stash I have at home. To get that chance please share with us a one-liner describing what Visual-Journaling does for you, or if you have a copy already please share your thoughts about it.

The winner of the Giveaway will be announced a week from today on Sunday, November 30, at 12PM.

-Support me best by ordering it through my Createspace eStore

-Through my blog

-Much less supportive (-: nevertheless available at Amazon

-Pick up a copy at one of my workshops in Southern California

Until then, please find new ways to create, recreate, be here, and with us.


Spread 249- Carrying Her November 10, 2014

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249-Carrying Her
Sick of holding back while carrying her across the river a million times…

IN MY BONES: A Visual Journal October 29, 2014

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My new book is available to order here!!!

SO VERY EXCITED, way beyond words.

Test-In My Bones_Cover

In 3-4 days it’ll be available on Amazon too, but I will be most appreciative if you order it through the link above.

This is my third book and they are all about this incredible form of expression that is embedded deep “in my bones”, and is called Visual Journaling!

More about my books here!

“Orly Avineri, the author of One Artist Journal and 14 Artist Journals opens her visual journal once again to express her belief in the boundlessness that comes from admitting incompleteness and ambivalence – in the sheer relief that comes from one’s willingness to exit the body in order to pour an intimate world onto pages of a visual journal and share it generously. All for the purpose of experiencing gentle journeys back to self and creating a true sense of belonging and connection.”

Spread 248 – Enough August 29, 2014

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248-EnoughEnough. These few words are enough. If not these words, this breath. If not this breath, this sitting here. This opening to the life we have refused again and again until now. Until now.
David Whyte, Where many Rivers Meet.

Spread 247 – Simplicity August 11, 2014

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247-SimplicitySometimes I want to be free of my self-inflicted complexities, not to be burdened with being broken into fragments. The noise, sometimes I need total quietude, to close my eyes, and feel that only I belong to me, and that I belong to no one…that no one has rights to me. So don’t dress me with your fussy dressings, and don’t undress me either. Don’t hush me, and don’t lessen, or dilute me. Don’t weaken me, I know how to do it all by myself.

This journal spread was ignited in Brian’s class.

Spread 246 – Conception July 16, 2014

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246-ConceptionAfter many days of cocooning in my skin he asked me why. I said to him: It’s worse than it’s ever been, and then explained myself. He said: Well actually mom, it’s better than it’s ever been, and explained himself. Just like that he changed my stagnant heart…for a significant while. I am still there, in the newness.

Spread 245 – In The True Sense July 13, 2014

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245-In The True SenseThe place between sameness and change is an uncomfortable one. Not that I am against discomfort, but sometimes I just wish that sameness lingered and change would be patient and just wait a while for me to be ready. Sometimes it’s the opposite and I am done with uniformity. Bring on the change, and bring it fast as the other is holding me back. I want to become the woman I am destined to be, feel the feelings I am destined to feel, and do the brave deeds I am destined to do–now please.

Our need to travel is so vast July 2, 2014

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Image trioOur need to travel is so vast. Combining it with the mighty need to create, and we fulfill the greatest need of them all, which is to have rich and abundant life experiences. 
I am seriously getting giddy. So very soon I’ll be traveling away from home to teach Art-Journaling in three wondrous spots in the world.

Whidbey Island, Washington, in July –https://pacificnorthwestartschool.org/product-category/mixed-media-workshops/

Bantry, Cork, Ireland, in September – http://www.seedbedstudio.net/a-space-for-dreaming/

Finally, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, in November –http://corazon.typepad.com/come_away_with_us/2013/12/orly-avineri-gateways-to-art-journaling–1.html

The only missing spot is yours, will you come with me?

These are photos of the actual locations where the workshops will be held. Pacific NorthWest Art School, Bantry House, and Casa Carmen.

Spread 244 – Private Names June 27, 2014

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244-Private NamesI don’t belong to anyone. Not to my father, not to my mother, nor to you. The children do not belong to me no matter how much I long for them, for you. My art, my words, my thoughts, my emotions, my body, my memory, they belong to me, not to you. Stay away, don’t mess with my comfort or the rhythm in which I mature. Don’t poke, prod, and stir..

This spread started with my stencils (see my video on my Timeline.) Stencils are not always the last thing you can use, they can be gently embedded in the grounds of your pages, or appear in layers as they develop. There is still a bit of time to enter your comment (on my previous post) to win one of my stencils through the blog hop/Giveaway post, info here on my blog.  

My Stencil Release– Blog Hop and Giveaway!!! June 22, 2014

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Congratulations to the winners in the StencilGirl Blog Hop featuring my stencils. Is your name listed below???? Please send Maria a private message on the StencilGirl Products Facebook page for them to get your information so you can get your prize. 10438442_695676077134564_1322855869496845882_n

I am so excited, so soooo excited!!! I’ve been waiting for today, for my first series of stencil designs with StencilGirl Products to finally be revealed on StencilGirl Talk. I am so thankful to StencilGirl for trusting me, and especially to MaryBeth Shaw for encouraging me to draw inspiration for these stencils designs from my own art-journaling pages. I intend to weave them into my own art journaling practice and share them with my friends and my students in my art journaling workshops. I am also super curious to see what other people in faraway lands do with them, when I am not looking (-: So please do share!

StencilsThrough these stencils you may explore new forms of visual expression that will surely be both visceral and instinctual, but most certainly pure fun too. Use them on your canvases, in your mixed-media practices, and in your art-journals. Hey how about on furniture, walls, bed sheets, and fabrics? Endless! Use them when you are completely pumped up and ready to create or when your muse is temporarily unattainable. Use a stencil as a whole, or better yet use its parts, while piling them up, layering, to bring forth your own personal imagery world. I have enjoyed playing with them, making patterns with paints and make-up sponges and pens, using molding paste for textural qualities, creating subtle backgrounds or bold focal images. Here is an accordion book I made out of a cardboard box, it’s entirely prompted by the stencils. So glad I can finally show it to you, both sides, open and closed, zoomed in and out.

Orly_Stencil art 1



Orly_Stencil art 2


Orly_Stencil art 3


Orly_Stencil art 4


Orly_Stencil art 5


Orly_Stencil art 6

Blog Hop and Giveaway Information!!! PRIZE: 5 lucky winners, each will get one stencil from my 5 new releases.

This is a progressive hop meaning you may hop from blog to blog, the list below, all in one day, today. Please comment on each blog if you’d like to increase your chances to be one of the five winners. Please note, even though it is a one day blog hop, you do have all week to comment. Hop on over to MaryBeth’s blog right after you are done here. All comments on the hop will be eligible for the giveaway. The more blogs you comment on, the more chances you get to win. Giveaway will close on Sunday, June 29th at 11:59PM Central Time and will be announced on StencilGirl Talk.

Blog Hop Order:

StencilGirl Talk
Orly Avineri
Mary Beth Shaw
Seth Apter
Carolyn Dube
Mary C. Nasser
Kirsten Reed
Gwen Lafleur
Linda Kittmer
Janet Joehlin
Maria McGuire


5 Stencils (from left to right)

1. Sticks and Bones

2. Soft Bones

3. Splats, Blooms and Bones

4. Subliminal Skull

5. A Skeletal Plot



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