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Spread 243 – Wanting Passage June 15, 2014

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243-Wanting PassageWanting to move through smoothly, move forward to another image, move under and over the stagnant page. Wanting a swift passage home aboard my broken vessel. Wanting passage from here to there in no time, with no effort.

Spread 242 – Let Out The Wail May 30, 2014

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242-Let Out The Wail“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them” -Maya Angelou

Spread 241 – My Friends May 23, 2014

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241-My FriendsMy friends are those who honor my other friends, they are those who recognize what I have to give to them, not what I don’t have. My friends are those who understand my need for solitude once in a while and have no interpretation of their own for it. My friends are those who are okay with my silences and my noises. I really try hard to be such a friend.

Congratulations Connie!! May 21, 2014

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You are the winner of Jill Berry’s new Map Art Stencils!!!! How awesome is that?

“28. ConnieND - May 12, 2014—-Great looking stencils. I think they would look awesome in my travel journal that I am making for my trips that I am taking this summer”.


Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 6.59.54 PMSo glad you’ll be able to use them in your travel journal. Please email me your mailing address @ orlyavineri@gmail.com

Spread 240 – Mapping The Distances – Blog Hop and Giveaway of Jill K. Berry’s New Map Art Stencils May 12, 2014

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240-Mapping The DistancesFusing Jill’s new Map Art stencil designs into my own art journaling pages posed a bit of a challenge at first as I rarely use stencils in my practice. However it quickly became very exciting when I started to play with boundless possibilities. It was important to me to appreciate the designs in their original state, as Jill intended them to be, yet allow them to become something else, something that feels more personal to me. I found myself mapping the distances between Jill’s visual world and mine, distances between exterior and internal visual models, making them far or close as I pleased. Original elements shifted and changed and flowed from one to another. They gave rise to new fragments and images that felt honest to me. I enjoyed this process of giving in to exterior shapes and forms that originally did not belong to me and transforming them enough, to a point where I could claim them as my own.Jill's stencils To get a chance to win Jill’s K. Berry’s set of four new stencils by Artistcellar please comment here or to increase your chances to win hop over to the blogs below to see what other artists have created with Jill’s stencils and comment there too. I will announce the winner on May 20.

May 9th – Artistcellar  www.artistcellar.com/wp
May 10th – Chris Cozen http://www.chriscozenartist.com/blog.html
May 11th – Jane Davenport  http://janedavenport.com/
May 12th – Orly Avineri http://oneartistjournal.com/
May 13th – Rachel Peterson Urista http://rachelurista.wordpress.com
May 14th – Jill K Berry - http.jillberrydesign.com

 Thank you wondrous Jill for taking me on this explorative and fun adventure through your awesome stencils!

Art-Journaling in Ireland April 17, 2014

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13-Sep. Irelandhttp://www.seedbedstudio.net/a-space-for-dreaming/

 The practice of Art-Journaling cultivates insights into the nature of the creative process and its multiple meanings. Enriched by self-love and acceptance; painting, collage, words, pen and line work, entwine to make expansive images. It’s all about one’s willingness to reveal vulnerability and rawness for the sake of true creative freedom and for personal growth and self care. Expressing high-spirited and truthful internal journeys takes precedence over producing beautiful or impressive results. Ultimately, Art-Journaling is about depicting the fluidity of life, about effortlessly carrying one’s self from one place to another.

In these three days we’ll draw inspiration from boundless sources and turn it into mini visual life feasts–journal pages, with the help of gentle multiple media prompts. Trek through your intimate geographies and your visual narratives and make room on your pages for new ones. Tap into the sensuous joy that resides deep in you and is patientlly awaiting to be unveiled. We will journal heartily to satisfy our undeniable need to witness our constant onward movement, to explore and expand our human experience through tactile, sensorial, and honest creative gestures. Our days together will end with rich journal pages filled with awe and wonderment.

A Stand for AJ

Spread 239 – I Am A Wanderer April 12, 2014

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239-I Am A WandererThe pages encourage straying, prompting new encounters. I wander around restlessly, aimlessly, but purposefully too, if it is at all possible, looking looking looking to find me once again. When I don’t I start washing away layers in paint drippings, sanding them down, peeling them off, anxiously, feverishly. Trying to find landings to rest my tired eyes. Failing often. Covering up parts that I know for sure don’t work for me or my pages, and starting over. Pleasant for you? I care and I don’t. Disturbing to you? I care and I don’t. Beautiful to you? I care and I don’t. Continuously struggling to find the spaces that reside between eye-appeal and truth, open ended vast landscapes and small closed claustrophobic quarters. Spaces that rebel and others that are contrived and conformed and take my breath away in a very bad way. Bone-tired of my stop-and-go mentality. Just want to glide into view and not look back to correct. Getting cold feet by standing still in muddy paint, then elbowing myself to move. Move! Moooooove!

Spread 238 – Stitches March 25, 2014

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238-StitchesArt-Journaling, past and present stitched through and through to make spaces for a future filled with passion, self-love and love of others.

Spread 237 – The Unforeseeable Journey March 13, 2014

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237-The Unforeseeable JourneyCreating in a journal, as in creating in life, the best I can do is create little, create this second, this moment, not even the day. Create a brush stroke, a continuous area for it on my page, so it can breathe, soothe, nudge. Allow scarcity to fill up the spaces, lines and accidents to determine my transformation. I surrender, but hold on to my defiance. I dance. I retreat into my stiff shell and then burst open. I know what I am doing, then I forget. I help myself heal and then become triumphant. I dance. I hold my own hand as I climb onto the ledge, then I close my eyes and jump.

Come away with me February 28, 2014

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15-NOV. San Miguel

Learn more about this out of this world happening while visiting the beautiful Rebecca Brooks’ blog. I am beyond excited. Will you join me in this enchanted city for an incredible art-journaling experience?


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