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My New Year resolutions and how accountability is important

The end of the year was coming and it was time for the New Year’s resolutions for next year. I couldn’t stop thinking that it has been over 5 years since I stopped competing and since I actually won a race. It was then when I stopped worrying about my fitness level too.

Since then everything has changed. I have got a new job, I am working at a completely new position, and the work hours have increased immensely. Unfortunately my weight has increase as well. I am 50 pounds heavier, 5 years older and my blood pressure is marginally high.

Along with all these changes come more and more excuses as well. I have left everything to go with the flow. I long work hours, the daily stress, all of the pressure from work on the negative changes going on with my body, health and mind.

I just realized that it is actually the accountability which is lacking!

So, I just began setting some realistic goals for myself. After all, I am getting fatter, older and less healthy with each and every day.

As part of my new accountability goals, I reset my MyFitnessPal account where I meticulously log the calories I have consumed. Guess what – I lost 4 pounds for the last 2 weeks.

photo credit: Rubanees, “Comparing Powerstep vs Superfeet vs Spenco Insoles”

The next step is to set up or get on some kind of exercise regimen on a regular basis. I started small – walking 4 times a week. The walks are 2 to 4 miles and are either in our local park or in the nearby hills. I used to dread these walks since my heels used to hurt even after a short walk. I consulted my doctor and guess what – she told me to add removable insoles inside my shoes. She said I don’t need bespoke ones and could just get one from the shoe shops. Brands were important, so she advice me to take powerstep or superfeet

I will be posting the results of my new accountability program here. I don’t think that this will be a training blog anymore. Rather, it will be about accountability. I need to lose 50 pounds and reduce my regular heart rate to 60 bpm. I don’t have the time for training for racing, so this accountability idea is currently the only way I can see to get me motivated and reach my goals!

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