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Spread #2 – Tumbleweed July 2, 2008

Posted by Orly in Spreads.

Coming from a desert—I quickly learned the ways of nomadism. 

This piece is inspired by a recurrent memory of my father taking me to spend a day with his Bedouin friends and their family in their dwelling—Close to our home yet so far away, silently, teaching me about land, humans, hearts and ways to be. The photographic images in this piece were taken in such wondrous day–A day where the only way to be is now–like a tumbleweed–taken away willingly by the wind–with no hint of resistance.


1. Maya - July 2, 2008

I enjoy how your (I assume?) picture is IN the blanket-like object on the right side of the page. The tumbleweed’s color blends pleasantly with the bronze background. “Roaming in search of pasture”
is a nice touch to show just how your nomadism occurred.
As always, beautiful and pleasing art. Bravo!

2. Ilan - July 2, 2008

I love the quote “roaming in search of pasture” it is a really cool metaphor. I love the colorfulness of this spread. The tumbleweed and the nomad are nice touches.

3. jellopenguin - July 3, 2008

Before reading your caption, I was able to so easily establish the idea of the desert and nomadic life… I love the color and composition (once again) keep up the good work! 😀

4. ü∂®é†s®øçk - July 6, 2008

In the desert,
Some of the nomads aren’t very curt.
They bound
without a sound,
in the battle
to find pasture for their cattle
against the sand.
They cross the land.

5. Yankale - July 9, 2008

I do remember this (splited) picture.
I like very much what you did with it in this composition.

Actually Zipi and me were there too and we have a rather similar picture from there. I’ll send it to you soon.

6. lielle - July 14, 2008

Touches my mind and memory…my memory of afternoons in the Judean desert with my own Bedouin and Israeli Friends…feeling the sun, the blue sky, space, possiblilty…feeling alive. My mind…Me…that is still in search for new pasture, a place to feel at home like it did in the desert.

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