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Spread #4 – Don’t be shy to ask Y July 7, 2008

Posted by Orly in Spreads.

It started… with this photo I took In Antigua, Guatemala, of a huge rustic candle holder. The setting of the candle openings carved into a tree trunk inspired this piece. The two dark holes with glasses in them, isolated in the bottom left reminded me of binoculars..and from that discovery the rest followed.


1. donna - July 7, 2008

Love the way your mind works Orly! What was your inspiration for this piece?

Orly: Thank you much Donna! You inspired me to write about the inspiration for each piece on my blog.

2. ®é∂çøwz - July 7, 2008

I loved the Y inquiries before. Now it is super cool. The little man on the spread is amazing. I am going to put him on photoshop and post him on my blog with u as a link. Please tell me if this is o.k. Thank you.

Orly: Y not?

3. ü∂®é†s®øçk - July 7, 2008

Don’t be shy
to ask y
You shouldn’t lie. 🙂
Why not
stand in a lot?
Why not
stare at a pot?
Why not
sleep in a cot?
Y Y Y?

That’s my little poem for this entry. Your work and little genius ideas capture the eye and soul. 😉


4. handan - July 8, 2008

What a nice poem Maya!

Hug, Handan

5. Christina - July 10, 2008

I really like this…it reminds us to be more curious like children. Love Maya’s poem too.

6. Savtah Peggy - July 18, 2008

I love the quirkie quality of this one!
It leaves so much to the imagination.

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