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Spread #9 – Rush July 23, 2008

Posted by Orly in Spreads.

Rush rush…why? Rush to what? For what? Why do we rush so much? Why do you rush? I rush for hush…. silence…. that’s right…I found out I rush so I can swiftly get to the quiet time….

I constantly long for unhurried days…


1. Maya - July 24, 2008

I rush
to hush
I love your piece
all of it at least
I rush to hush
some crushed

😉 nice art.

2. Ilan - July 25, 2008

I love the idea of this spread. It shows how the world needs some tweaking. Laugh out loud!

3. Gilgamesh - July 26, 2008

I rush for the sake of higher turn over rates. One passenger out, another one in. Initial charge on the meter is what often makes the fare worthwhile and lucrative. Rush. Rush! Pick up. Go. Drop off. Next. Twelve hours through five boroughs. Love it. Love you, artistic inspirer of mine.

4. Yankale - July 26, 2008

“Hachipazon me-hasatan…”
How true and how beautifully punt into this work of art.

Love it.

5. bellaperson - August 13, 2008

This is beautiful, and your words are true. So many people are rushing, rushing to get somewhere and then rushing to get somewhere else. Never stopping for a moment to think, to be quiet and relax. We all need a little “quiet time.” I know I definitely need to. Haha. This is great, beautiful, and I love how you painted yourself.

6. christina - August 19, 2008

Oh …I love the person you created…it looks like me! Why do I rush? Because the pile just gets higher if I slack off…not a very healthy outlook. This is a reminder to slow down and relax a bit because there will always be a pile.

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