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Spread #10 – Will You Dance With Me? July 28, 2008

Posted by Orly in Spreads.

 This is my 10th spread and one month since I started my art journal blog.The seemingly ‘yet another blog out there’ turned out to be big for me. It restored my forgotten creative self. The daily busyness of making something out of nothing has renewed my sense of autonomy, integrity, possibility, abundance, and rekindled my excitement for art making. More importantly, it recovered a sense of connectedness with people I know, from close-by, or in other continents, people I slightly know, and complete strangers.

Before, for me, when done with the process of creating a new piece, an emotional detachment from that artwork would occur, almost instantaneously. However, today, entering a new piece on my blog signifies only a beginning. Once it activates your interpretive participation, sparks fly, human creativity at its best.

Commonly creativity is associated with the arts, but you see, I am a true believer that creativity resides in all and manifests itself in countless beautiful and mysterious ways. I see the proof all around me, all the time! No matter where you are in your life, whether you raise children, make art, music, write, offer healing, or unique services, It is never too selfish, too late, or too silly to work on being creative.

 I am so grateful to those who take time to view my art and even put in a piece of their heart in the comment box. I have yet to find a person who does not inspire me. And to  those before me, who have shown me how blogging can get me out of the garret, like my friend Donna. She kindly introduced me to her blog and her beautiful writings about the ways people create or find sanctuary in their everyday lives.

 My kids have been a constant source of education, enthusiasm, and amusement. Ilan, a fountain of everything, he is my blog master. For him there are no limitations, only endless possibilities. Maya’s writings and other talents shine brightly through her blog. She never cease to amaze me with her beauty. Other kids’ creative energies are boundless as well and are endearing to me.

 All these wonderful people in our house provide me with a rich playground and allow me to never stop playing in it. Now I’d like to expand on it to include you! So I have created a new page, called About Other Creative Types. It will be used by others, as a forum to showcase their creativity. It’s a page where we ‘link’! You can look at it as an extensive blog roll.

 You can go to this page and in the comment box provided you may write your thoughts, ideas and creative writings. Share anything that somehow is related to creativity. You are welcome to tell about who you are, or advertise yourself. Once in a while I’ll join you when I have a story to tell about another creative type I’ve encountered.

 I have a fun survey answered in the above artwork. Please find the same survey in the About Other Creative Types page and type in your answers in the comment box.Let me know of another way you wish to be a part of this exciting new page of my blog. 



1. donna - July 29, 2008

What a lovely invitation! I certainly have enjoyed dancing with you through ideas, emotions, through different and similar viewpoints on a variety of things, through laughter, and friendship ….and it always is an inspiring time! Thank you for your very personal invitation to all of us – beautifully written post and a friendly, happy piece – it is nice to find out some things about you that I didn’t know, and Thank You for your very kind words as well – I eagerly look forward to getting my mail in the mornings and receiving my most recent subscription from Orly’s Blog – it even always surpasses the anticipation!

2. Orly Avineri - July 29, 2008

Thank you so much Donna, for you warm and kind words. This dance of us reminds me of Pablo Picasso’s words: “Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing?”

3. Ilan - July 29, 2008

I love the idea of this tenth post! If i picked two words to describe your art i would say soulful yet whimsical. It is a stunning piece! You use simple colors and great word play to make for a bright and unique piece every four days. It is a beautiful thing to watch this blog progress and slowly collect more and more beautiful pieces. I love how you bring elements from everywhere in the world into your art. You also bring me, maya and donna in to the piece and show how you enjoy our blogs and that was very nice. In the spread you say your favorite thing to do now is “MAKE STUFF” instead of make art! Now that is very funny and you use these great words with great color and design combinations to create a unique piece of artwork that touches everybody’s heart. That is why you have built up a decent size audience in such a short time. I always knew you were a talented artist but now also realize what a writer you are. You compliment your art with beautiful posts that are such a pleasure to read. My friends admire you, your friends admire you, and i admire you mom. So i just want to conclude by saying that your art is fantastic and you should never cease to create. I have a strong feeling you never will. I love you mom! Keep the amazing art coming! !

4. bellaperson - July 29, 2008

This whole piece is very lovely, indeed.
How you tell all about yourself, then ask, “Will you dance with me?” I love it! I really, really do. The two different images work well together; they balance each other and have a wonderful look about them when merged together. I absolutely love your different ideas; your forum and your survey sound very interesting. Happy first month!
:mr green:

5. darthpo - July 30, 2008

Wow. That’s really wonderful! I love how this piece of art is amazing…I don’t know, it made me smile when I read it, though your artwork always does. 🙂 I love your style, and how this everything is placed. Great job! I’m looking forward to your next spread!

6. Maya - July 30, 2008

I love the artwork you produce from your fingertips and mind – I also adore how you can make art and word go together in perfect balance.
Art – calm, interesting, pleasing
Word – calm, interesting, pleasing
It’s amazing how you can make art and word in balance, as I said above.
Congratulations with your 10-spreads “anniversary.”


7. Gil Avineri - July 31, 2008

This spread literally almost brought me to a tear. One of jubilee over knowing such intensity for living still exists out there. My favorite things about this particular spread are the language section and how ironic it is that you manipulated the expression “not too bad”. Also, the fact that there is no green, not one shade of it, on the page.

8. Orly Avineri - July 31, 2008

Thanks again Gil, for a touching spirited comment..
You know, green, is an outdoor color for me…the color I want to see outside my window, literally and metaphorically. In-house, in-art and in-heart, warm colors rule.

9. Netta - July 31, 2008

Of course I’ll dance with you…always! 🙂 Your work here and the Picasso quote you wrote above reminded me of something I read in the book “This is Your Brain on Music”, about music and dance. The author (Daniel J. Levitin) writes: “The idea of primitive elements combining to create art, and of the importance of relationships between elements, also exists in visual art and dance. The fundamental elements of visual perception include color… brightness, location, texture, and shape. But a painting is more than these-it it is not just a line here and another there, or a spot of red in one part of the picture and a patch of blue in another. What makes a set of lines and colors into art is the RELATIONSHIP between this line and that one; the one color or form echoes another in a different part of the canvas…”

Love you,
Netts 🙂

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