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Spread #11 – Wandering Mayan August 2, 2008

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AA‘The Story of the Wandering Mayan and of Others In Between’ is a fictive poster for a fictive documentary about what I believe is not a fictive reality. That reality that we reside in many places and many places reside within us. Someone once said to me that just because we were born in one certain place does not mean we belong there. I remember hearing it felt liberating to me. At times I feel a strong sense of belonging somewhere…At times, nowhere. And that’s fine with me. What about you?

Taken from the art work above:

“The man is from many places–

The Maya Civilization, The holy land

Fields of Maize, Milk and Honey

Wet mountains of the Cuchumatanes, Dry desert of the Negev

Green valley, Orange plain

He is a nomad, A settler

We come from many places.”


1. Ilan - August 2, 2008

I love the text on this post! It is so well thought out and so enjoyable to read. I love how this piece is like a movie poster. This idea is taken form many places as listed on the left half of the piece. I love the almost 3-D text on the right half. It is enjoyable to see how you combine so many elements from all over the world into one great spread! Good Job! 🙂

2. Maya - August 2, 2008

I love love love love love this poster. I like how you took the earlier version and “updated” it to fit the blog.

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