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Spread #12 – Interior Design August 6, 2008

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Nature—Design at its best

Have you ever cut a kiwi, a fig, or an artichoke, down the middle, stood there in the kitchen in awe, admiring its beauty and grace, and was simply amazed by its texture, patterns, lines, shapes, and colors?—–Nature is greatly inspiring to me. In fact, Mother Earth is my role model. I rather not attempt to replicate any of it—I’d surely fail. Therefore I have no choice but to leave it alone. I let nature guide and move me to invent my own visual fantasy creations and only hope that I do half as good as nature does. 


1. linda woods - August 7, 2008

WOW! This is GREAT! I love it!

2. Maya - August 7, 2008

Wonderful art. I love how it looks like it was painted while not being, but at the same time it doesn’t deceive.
I also enjoy the main cabbage on the right side, “Interior design at its best” narrowed and pulled around, and the colors.
The cab-chairs are amazing! I like how you took the cabbage and turned it into a delightful chair; I would have absolutely adored to sit upon a cab-chair quite similar to that one.
I’ve never seen anyone draw a chandelier better than you did.
I have one question: who are the pictures of?

Orly’s Reply: These are the pictures of my fictional clients, a couple for whom I’ve designed the interior of their house.

3. christina - August 8, 2008

How true this is! Nature is a great inspiration for me as well. I love the whimsicalness of the whole piece…especailly the chairs. I think your clients are very happy with their design!

4. Orly Avineri - August 8, 2008

Me too…I wish I had these chairs in MY house instead of in this fictional living room…Ha..

5. Redcowz - August 8, 2008

For over a month now you have been making an art spread every three to four days in which you take your own photographs and illustrations and incorporate them into a new art work. You take your old photos of nomads from the desert of Israel or from the architecture and texture of Guatemala, from colorful houses, bright walls and ancient ruins. It is very enjoyable to watch you pull your inspiration from all over the world and come up with such stunning pieces. You even got inspiration from a vegetable!

6. christina - August 8, 2008

Hi Orly,
> I just returned from dropping off the girls at my parents house for a few days. I had to tell you that Siena and I were so inspired by your scan of the cabbage that we were discussing all the possibilities. We had such fun the other morning collecting flowers and leaves. I had her play with scanning while I was at work and she made some beautiful images. I was just trying to keep her occupied while I was gone and she really had fun.

7. Orly - August 9, 2008

Ooh..Im curious to see Siena’s images.

8. Tami - August 12, 2008

WOUW! I have not think about this for a long time. When i kook (and it does not happen very often) I usually use vegetables and fruit. And I always am impressed and amazed by the beauty of them. Especially an artichoke; it is an art work. Every layer has a different look, a different design, a different color. Nature is definitely the greatest artist of all.
When I look at flowers, I always wonder: how is it possible that there are so many different flowers? Who designed them? Who gave them the perfect and beautiful colors? Who was so kind to satisfy our esthetical needs?
So thank you Orly for reminding me about the generous nature. It gives me so much!

9. bellaperson - August 13, 2008

i was gone for a week, the internet wasn’t working at all. I had no way to see your art! You could say that I was in utter distress. But, I’m back now, and it’s relief to be able to view some of your art. I just think of it on the positive side: now I have two new works of art to admire at the same time!
Anyway, this one really speaks to me–and it’s true, nature is definitely a beautiful thing. In answer to your little question: yes, I have done that before. It’s kind of amazing, and inspiring that sometimes something so simple can be so intricate and beautiful in and of itself. Great job once again, Orly!

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