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Spread #16 – Husband & Wife August 22, 2008

Posted by Orly in Spreads.

A Husband and Wife is a novel written by Zeruya Shalev in my native language Hebrew and was translated to many other languages. I read it a few months ago. The seemingly banal story of a gradual disconnection between husband and wife is told in the most original, deep, and poignant manner. Reading it left a very strong and lasting impression on me. So I got really excited when I was reminded of it recently on one of my trips to the local bookstore, as I was flipping through the pages of an interesting book in the Graphic Design section.

The name is: RE:THINK/DESIGN/CONSTRUCT How top designers create bold new work by re:interpreting original designs. And there I saw it; 6 designers’ versions of the book cover design of Husband and Wife by Zeruya Shalev. After the initial excitement, I took the time to enjoy and learn each of the redesigns of the original book cover and read about the designers’ thought process leading to their compelling redesigns. It was fascinating to see again, what I often see, and that is how one story evokes different amazing human reactions. Right then, I got all pumped up again, I’ve decided. I am going home to design my version of the book cover, my very personal interpretation of this awesome story. So here it is. Now that I wrote all this, I still don’t sense I quite said how I feel about that book, at least not with my words. Perhaps, and hopefully, I got a bit closer in the artwork. 


1. Maya - August 25, 2008

🙂 I like that artwork. … 😀 It’s pleasing, and interesting. I am very speechless from seeing this wonderful piece. Your artwork just keeps getting better and better.

2. donna - August 25, 2008

I am intrigued to read this book you recovered – this was a very interesting cover, and since I didn’t know quite what the picture was referring to, it made me want to read the book to find out more – just what a great cover is supposed to do! Brava!

3. Redcowz - September 6, 2008

I like this piece. It is an important message. This is just a little constructive criticism. It needs to pop a little bit more. That would be it. OTherwise great spread! 🙂

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