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Spread #18 – Bella’s Chocolate Surprise August 30, 2008

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‘Bella’s Chocolate Surprise’ by Adam Guillain is the story of an 11-year-old Guatemala-born girl who lives in London with her adoptive parents. A chocolate birthday cake tickles her curiosity to find out where chocolate comes from. The quest brings her to Ghanna where she befriends a group of children working in the cacao fields. She soon learns that they are a part of a collective that guarantees a fair income to workers and pays for the children to go to school.Delighting in her new cross-cultural friendships, Bella starts to plan how to get people from home involved in supporting fair trade practices around the world. What set this entry in motion was my son calling all bloggers to enter their art in the art gallery he set up on his blog. The theme of the art to be submitted is “Chocolate is Good.” Now, I love artistic challenges, and, I love pure dark chocolate—there was no hesitation. I told him I’m in. So I found this fabulous children’s book with the beautiful and whimsical original illustrations of Elke Steiner. It deals with issues close to my heart such as fair trade in Guatemala and many other countries, cross-cultural friendships, involvement and cooperation to better the human conditions of children, women, and men, all around the world. I found so many treasures in this one little children’s book—-But let’s face it—-I did it for the love of cacao—-Chocolate is indeed good!


1. Redcowz - September 1, 2008

I love the tye-dye text and border in this peace. I love the composition. What can i say it is flawless. My favorite thing is the cake growing from the tree.

2. donna - September 3, 2008

I LOVE this one Orly on so many different levels! The artwork is very moving to me and reminds me of scratch board pen work I used to do in high school. I always really enjoyed working with the very intricate detail of such a medium. The subject matter of the book is also very thought provoking and I will definitely think twice next time I need to make a quick purchase for morning coffee. I also have been very blessed with many friendships where cultures are different, and the melding of the many similarities with some interesting and enlightening differences has been a constant source of joy and learning for me. This piece has inspired me to look up the book, could it be a movie now? I just saw something on the MB Village Theatre marquis actually yesterday as I was driving by entitled Bella, and I know they present many independent films there now…just curious if it was from the same source. Also, I too have quite an affinity for chocolate – any kind really – love to make them – pure divinity to eat them. This spread really spoke to me…keep talking…

3. Maya - September 3, 2008

YAY! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!! The chocolate is so clear… the background pictures are just so explanatory to the book! And of course, the wonderful cheery tye-dye colors, I love, mixed with dark chocolate brown. The girl is made to look so sweet and curious…
This whole piece is warm and inviting as you! 😀

4. Orly Avineri - September 3, 2008

What a beautiful view from you Donna…Thank you much..I did go for that ‘scratch board pen’ effect…it does have that quality of evoking memories. There should be more people like you with such opennes for different cultures..foods..art…Hurray for multiculturalism and all other multi…isms…:)

5. Orly Avineri - September 3, 2008

Donna…I was curious about ‘Bella’ the movie..it has nothing to do with ‘Bella’s Chocolate Surprise’ but it sounds like a fantastic film..Let’s go see it..

6. darthpo - September 8, 2008

Its true, chocolate is wonderful!
I love how you’ve got very nice bright colors popping up in the picture, and the tree idea was a good choice. I love it!

7. christina - September 14, 2008

I love your illustration, your use of the color of chocolate, and how you incorporated each subject matter in a playful way that ties the theme altogether. Great typeface choice…and of course I love the name Bella as well 🙂

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