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Spread #19 – A Word Is Worth A 1000 Words September 3, 2008

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

Do you sometimes sense that a word you utter doesn’t quite correspond with the thought behind it? I often feel that way. Perhaps that’s why I tend to overly use adjectives, adverbs, or plainly words, to describe an emotion, a feeling, a view, an impression, an idea, an intent, etc., you get the message. Here…I’m doing it again. I found this to be particularly true when trying to describe what keeping an art-journal blog means to me. So there, two birds, one stone. One is to note that one word is worth many more words than we imagine, and two, that the rhythmic posting of my art journal entries has brought about a tremendous change in me. The many words on the right page accompanying the word ‘Journal’ on the left are merely an attempt to explain the transformation from a solus stuff-maker to a visual journalist, sharing self-healing images and writings with the rich and kind world around. So many words to illustrate that bliss…. no words at all….joyously blogging away.


1. Maya - September 3, 2008

I love the pink, orange, black and yellow, all these colors together are just fabulous!
The words to describe your art journal blog are pretty much all I think about when I get to your blog, as well as your art, of course :mrgreen:
I really, really enjoy this.

2. Redcowz - September 3, 2008

You would think that the right side would overwhelm this piece. To my surprise they compliment each-other. This spread’s message is a very strong one. Good job!

3. Bella - September 7, 2008

Yes, as Ilan says, it really does “correspond.” I’ve been laying off of the viewing of other sites for my own lazy benefits… But when I do return, it’s nice to have a refreshing piece as if it was a personal message, “Welcome back, Bella!” And especially with this piece. I’ll have to agree when you say ‘a word is worth a thousand words,’ although this may sound extremely confusing, it is quite simple in actuality. Our world is not solely made up of words, but they are a huge impact on it. Words have shaped and destroyed, and no doubt will continue on doing just that. Anyway, I’m digressing. Really I mean to say that I truly appreciate this piece as words really mean so much to me. It’s wonderfully done–as always!


4. Mamaliga - September 9, 2008

Wow! I love your journal! Found this blog by chance and I’m fascinated with your spreads, fantascic artwork, well done!

5. lizette Avineri - September 12, 2008

I love the colors on this, it reminds me of Jean-Michel Basquiat artwork. He is one of my favorites.

6. Gil Avineri - September 13, 2008

Simply marvelous darling. Hats off to the greatest non-great aunt in the universe. May the waves of negative energy continue to be ejected from the front seat of our minds by incredible engines of art, like pins being dealt a strike at the bowling alley.

7. christina - September 14, 2008

My curiosity was really stirred with this one. It is visually beautiful when looking at the whole piece and so intriguing when viewing close up. I could get lost in all the words which lead you from one word/phrase to the next (my favorite is naval gazing)…wonderful art!

8. trish - January 21, 2009

just found your blog this evening and I am loving your journal pages!! I will definitely be coming back to see more:)

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