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Spread #20 – Comfort Words September 9, 2008

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

It seems to me that sometimes words meaning certain foods have more power to provide comfort, familiarity, emotional security, and warmth, than the foods themselves, especially if spoken in your ancestors’ native languages. So, such words as Mamaliga (Romanian national food, Polenta), Kokoshay (Popcorn) and Friginelli (French Toast), have pleasant connotations for me, of being taken care for by someone loving. I am attached to these words, not as much to the foods—-though I wouldn’t mind a nice warm plate of mamaliga right now, melted butter, and branza (Fetta like cheese) or even Kashkaval (yellow sheep’s milk cheese). This savory dish tasted so much yummier creamier and smoother after you closely witnessed the labor of love it took your father, to, with a wooden rolling pin, large pot on the floor held tight between his tall legs, mix and turn the maize meal to the desired consistency, then sweatingly (I know it’s not a word) setting it on a wooden board, cutting wide slices with a string..plating it with Goulash (meat stew) or assorted cheeses. My father was a pro in making Mamaliga. So yeah..Mamaliga means a lot to me 😀 I’m going to cook now.. 


1. Redcowz - September 9, 2008

So much Color, Meaning and Purpose. This pieces not only shows the vast world of your mind Orly, but it illustrates not only your mind’s created world but as well as your physical world and past. You combined elements of your past and old pictures and make them look so modern, yet so heart warming. You are able to combine worlds to create pieces and that is an amazing gift. Keep doing what you are doing and i am sure that you will be successful on your journey. I want some Kokoshay right now too! I am going to cook now as well. Cook me a nice bowl of cereal. Good job! 🙂

2. Orly Avineri - September 10, 2008

Thank you Ilan for this thoughtful comment. You are funny (:

3. Maya - September 10, 2008

I love love love mostly the art that has a picture of little you on it or that is about your childhood. I also like how you put the words that are in Hebrew or another language on there…
I had Mamaliga last night 😀

4. Mamaliga - September 10, 2008

Hello Orly,
Thank you for your visit. I have also added you to my blog list, you can consider me a fan of yours, your spreads are windows to a world that is kind and caring, charmingly intimate and with an exquisite use of color. There’s a comforting and heartwarming element in them.
Well, as you have guessed I’m a Spanish girl living in London. I’ve always had a soft spot for Romania, their folk arts, music, tempestuous history.. Eventually last year I visited for first time, it was a fantastic experience, and of course I ate lots of mamaliga (and yummy ciorba da burta).
I started my blog adventure a couple of months ago, and thinking of a name Mamaliga came across my mind. Is as you have put it down, a pleasant connotation, a nice warm plate in a cold night, humble and simple food but comforting. And I wanted my artwork to be a bit like that, unpretencious and heartwarming.
I feel like cooking some mamaliga now.. yay
Good luck with your journey, it’ going to be a very interesting one!

5. handan - September 11, 2008

Deze ga ik uitprinten en ophangen. Lekker en heel mooi!
…moest ook denken aan Popocatepetl 🙂

6. Orly Avineri - September 11, 2008

Handantje..Leuk voor mij dat je het mooi vindt. Deze kan ik ook aan jouw als Tiff sturen voor beter kwaliteit. Laat me weten als je dat willt..Liefs 🙂

7. Yankale - September 12, 2008

A beautiful creation again.
As a “left sided brainer”, I always try to understand how memories of items (things) are wired, connected and cross linked to so many other feelings and senses.
mamaliga >> wooden spoon >> Branza >> Sarmali >> Kastravets >> marinat >> Chatzilim >> sweat >> father >> security >> LOVE.
Its amazing and intriguing at the same time (sorry, I’ve put some words from my own memory in there…)
Only a talented right brainer like you can put all of these into ‘plaatjes’
I can almost smell and taste it.
And i know what i am going to make for dinner today 🙂
I’ll promise to look for some new (old) pictures for you soon.

8. hana klos - September 12, 2008



9. Gil Avineri - September 13, 2008

My father used words like this with me growing up. Yesterday he had me check the skilled trades section on Craig’s list for opportunities to increase his income because the company he’s with here in NYC right now doesn’t realize they have the best electrician ever on their hands and don’t really deserve him. He even had me take a brief look at the Los Angeles page of that website for anything worthwhile there. Now that his children are adults, he’s free to move about nomadically like the Bedouin he’s always been at heart. And I am a witness to the passive and silent yet genuine intensity with which he loves his sister. Take my word for it.

Orly: Gilgush..I just hope that my brother will find his way to me in his wanderings. Thank you so much for the warmest of words.

10. christina - September 14, 2008

This piece brought to mind how my mother used to make strawberry shakes and jam during the summer months. We had friends that owned a strawberry farm and my Mom would get large crates of berries as often as we wanted. After a long day at the beach we would return home on our bikes and she would have shakes for all of us kids. It’s a great memory of home and carefree summers. As always, I love your use of color and the collaboration with photographs.

11. handan - September 15, 2008

Graag, dank je! :*

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