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Spread #21 – Hypergraphia September 14, 2008

Posted by Orly in Spreads.

The other night I was watching a program on TV called Medical Mysteries. They showed three people who started demonstrating an “obsessive compulsion to create,” following a tragic event or a jolt to the brain. They named the over powering urge to paint and draw, ‘Compulsive Creativity Syndrome’, and the intense need to write, ‘Hypergraphia’. This phenomena was astonishing to me. It was beautiful…a person who up until a heart stroke was a criminal who spent many years in jail, one day it all changes for him and he starts painting his days away, and he is good, he is a genius, and he is not hurting anybody. Beauty at its purest. But..as I kept watching I was astonished for a second time when I saw the reactions and explanations of reporters, scientists, psychologists, and family members of the “bizarre” person, to this phenomena. To them it was a curse. To me there is no other way to describe it other than a gift, and may I add, that the ”abnormal” People interviewed saw it that way too. Anyway, must we name all we know little of? ‘Compulsive Creativity Syndrome’? ‘Hypergraphia’? Why do we have that uncontrollable urge to name everything? It is an abnormality you know..I’m going to name it OCLS. It stands for Obsessive Compulsive Labeling Syndrome..How about that.


1. Ilan - September 15, 2008

I like how you turn somebody’s quote on quote “disease” to an awesome art project. You also explained your art very descriptively. Good job! :mrgreen:

2. handan - September 15, 2008

beautiful!!! 🙂

3. opnhrt - September 15, 2008


4. hana klos - September 16, 2008

Aziyur meod yafe aim at mezayeret et vziurim bamachzhev o beyad chofshit. Lo izlachti leavin .
Li ze margish ziur chofshi al canvas o nuyar

Orly: Ken Hanna..col ma sheat roa po baatar sheli naasa bamachshev im et digitalit. Lifamim any osa scan shel tsiyurim o eeyurim vecamuvan tsilumim shely. Ze machmi li sheze margish lach cetsiur chofshi ki zo bediyuk hamatara sheli.

5. Mamaliga - September 16, 2008

Love your new work, such great tones and textures! Thank you again for your lovely comment, very touched.
I started my blog adventure two months ago and since I’ve found some really amazing people.. great thing blogging! I’m very happy I found you too, is funny that two people in distants parts of the planet can be linked by their love for art and.. mamaliga?! 🙂 Funny old world..
Please do join us at Art Monday, is good fun to work on a weekly challenge. There’s also a similar blog called Illustration Friday, and http://ilustrenos.blogspot.com/ is great for magazine colaborations and contests. I wish days could have 36 hours!
Have a great week!

6. Maya - September 17, 2008

It looks busy and quick but at the same time it’s calm and slow, technical and craving detail.
I have no idea why these people called it a “disease,” 🙄 It should be AMAZING to have hypergraphia — writing and reading and drawing and painting ALL THE TIME YAYYYYY 😀
Love the art, love the post. Love it all, even you 😀

7. puppyscruffy - September 17, 2008

wow awesome!!!!!! lol maya 😀

8. AscenderRisesAbove - October 19, 2008

visiting from mama-liga; i can see why she recommended you – enjoyed the content and layouts

9. judy Wise - November 24, 2010

fabulous! I agree. xo

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