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Spread #24 – Whose Land Is It Anyway? (Part 3 of 3) September 29, 2008

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1. donna - September 29, 2008

What a beautiful face! I was really moved by these three pieces, although it is difficult to put words to the emotions they evoked in me. I was scrolling down your posts here and then hit the button on the bottom for next entries and just kept scrolling. All the colors and textures and feelings blend so harmoniously from the moment one sees “when I open my eyes I see paradise…” that is what the rest of us see when we keep scrolling – a slice of Orly’s paradise – it is really quite exquisite!

Orly: Thank you Donna for these attentive words. How appreciative of you to take time to go far back and observe it all again in a fresh and continuos way..like a book..as it was intended by me. This face, as you probably guessed, is Carlos’ mother..Whenever I look at her face, or my late grandma Hanna’s face..I see land formations. Please don’t feel bad about not being able to put words to your experience. I believe art is meant to be gratifying the senses rather than the intellect. Besides it doesn’t seem to me like you are ever at a loss for words. As always I appreciate them a lot 🙂

2. Maya - September 30, 2008

I love at the right there’s this huge jumbly jumble of words scattered along the page in a jaunty manner, but on the left there’s the simple half of a face. But with the scatterbrained text of the right there is a simplicity of words. And on the left with its ease, is detailed. The face is beautiful and intricate.
This piece just amazes me.

3. Gil Avineri - October 18, 2008

Artistry cab also be in the honesty of one’s lifestyle in one’s character: “The true artist is not one who draws or paints, but rather that person whose whole life is adjusted to beauty in every thought and action. -Havelock Ellis

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