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Spread #25 – Pushing Buttons October 1, 2008

Posted by Orly in Spreads.

These days I am celebrating a new year. I, resolute, to rid myself of my huge button collection. One by one I will shed them off of me, until there is no longer one button left to push. I will teach myself self-control. I resolute, by the end of the year to be all re-threaded!

 More about ‘pushing buttons’ read an interesting article ‘Don’t push my buttons’ by Elizabeth Sziek.


1. Redcowz - October 1, 2008

I love the caricature of you with a little cart literally pulling buttons along. Awesome post! Love it! :mrgreen:

2. Maya (not logged in) - October 1, 2008

I love this piece. The top half portrays a word and one word only: “old.” Not “old,” like a hobbling old dude, but, hm, how should I say this, like “old,” old country, you know what I mean? 😀
The bottom half is cutesy as a button ( 😆 ), I love your signature curl hanging down there over your forehead, and your cute little pants, dragging along your little button-wagon!
😀 I love this piece.
Let me tell you, truthfully, this is my favorite piece you’ve ever made.

3. opnhrt - October 2, 2008

You crack me up – I love this and love the mini you – too cute! Thanks for the smile and giggle so early in the morning!

4. Bella - October 3, 2008

Ah, I love this piece for quite a few reasons. Of course, like all of your work, this holds a special message as well as a warm, comforting feeling and then the beauty that is portrayed in all of your work. (:

I was interested, and read the article you provided. It was touching and true, and it weaves so effortlessly with this piece. I love it all, especially the small figure you had drawn of yourself at the bottom. And of course, the catchy, witty, seemingly effortlessly thought up phrases, “Pulling buttons” and “Why push my buttons?” Once again, awesome! Thanks for this.

5. hana klos - October 6, 2008

pashut yefeyfe chaval she ani lo maslicha leavin tov et ma she at kotevet.

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