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Spread # 26 – 1 Dream House October 12, 2008

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

There are benefits to having your dream house built in your head and not on an actual lot. In your mind you can construct it any way you like it. You can place it on a cliff, in the middle of the rainforest, in the desert. It can be remodeled on a whim, painted and repainted in different colors to reflect your ever changing moods, tastes, and seasons (Like Frida Kahlo’s house in the movie Frida) It may have impossible and awesome features. It’s flexible, it can hold a few dreams at once in any given time and it doesn’t cost you a dime…This is my dream house of the week…one of many…


1. opnhrt - October 12, 2008

Can I come over to your house for coffee?

Orly: Any time, my dear friend, I have great mugs..all colors, textures and sizes..and I have an opnhrt..I hope not only in my dream.

2. Mamaliga - October 16, 2008

Dear Orly,

I’ve been away for a while (needed a break badly) and just started catching up with all the fantastic work that people have been doing. It’s back to the routine and the rain, so I stop by to say hello and enjoy the color and warmth of your new creations, love the buttons illustration, so charming. I’m popping in for a cuppa in your dream house, so put the kettle on.
I left a little award for you in my blog. You don’t need to upload it, I just wanted to let you know I’m very happy I have e-met and find your artwork very inspirational. Thank you for being there!
Muchísimas gracias!!
Hope you had a great celebration, and my best wishes for the New Year.

3. Lina M - October 17, 2008


what a warm, cozy and inviting home you’ve built! I would love to visit and have some nice coffee (not the ‘drip’ kind :)) or, perhaps even some gluhwine and… it has to rain outside. Thanks for sharing!
Orly: How fun to find your comment here Linuchka M. I promise I won’t serve you the ‘drip’ kind..did you mean the Israeli ‘Nes Cafe’? I have all kinds in my house to offer you..

4. Redcowz - October 17, 2008

I like this spread because it shows who you are as a person. This piece shows an abundance of knowledge, open-mindedness, and color. Being your son thats how i describe you. Open-minded, knowledgeable, and colorful. A colorful person. Who would have thought. Good job! 😀

5. akasajewelry - October 17, 2008

I was just noticing the lovely courtyard. It’s very coffee friendly!


6. Ana - October 17, 2008

Ana! Sorry I didn’t realize 🙂
Orly: Thanks, much better Ana. Don’t get me wrong..I love Mama-liga

7. Maya - October 17, 2008

😀 I love the dream house #1!!!!
…The little foresty window on the bottom… the beautiful textures… the lovely fountain… the funky winding staircase… the gardens and pots… I want to live in this house!!!

8. christina - October 18, 2008

oh, I love your dream house! It makes me want to go there and stay awhile. I want to see the inside! By the way, I still have your cacti which I planted in some pots for you…a good excuse to get together soon.
Orly: Come on over Christina..Any time..These pots will go with any of my dream houses 🙂 Thanks for planting them for me.

9. kelly - October 20, 2008

Beautiful, beautiful work!

10. Campa - October 20, 2008

Amazing! Every one of your pieces! There is so much beauty and detail in each one… I like how you don’t limit yourself to the norm, in relation to art. You have your own style and it’s a great one! I can’t wait for the following spreads.

11. Amir Bercovitz - October 31, 2008

It is exactly the house I would imagine you to own… nothing more to add, but 2 more chairs for the kids….

Beautiful and peaceful, I love it

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