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Post #34 – Find The 7 Differences January 8, 2009

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.


C’mon, it’s about mankind, not madmankind!


1. donna - January 8, 2009

This should be made into a huge poster placed in many strategic locations along with the caption line – an elegantly simple concept, amazing how it eludes so many of us…stunning…

Orly: Thank you much for this lovely opening comment for this one is very meaningful to me.

2. Gil Avineri - January 8, 2009

Did you manage to open up a video clip of the latest Hebrew news on Mabat? Your use of Shmuel, my great grandfather, to convey this message of utmost importance, would have made him smile, as I hear he always did anyhow. Please watch this beautiful clip….


Orly: Great links Gil..Thanks

3. Yankale - January 8, 2009

Dear Orly,
you made here an amazing point in a shocking manner to me, knowing Zeida pretty good (funny, but ‘Zeida’ sounds like an Arabic name too..).
As you made a political statement here, I would say that unfortunately there are more than 7 differences, but we could only have peace when both sides would concentrate on the similarities.

Yakar…..I am only alluding to the ‘common people’..like me, you, zeida and to the Achmed and Fatima of the world…not to the maniacs who rule us all. I believe we have a voice and it can be loud too.

4. Gil Avineri - January 9, 2009

Your brother (Yoram) really really liked this piece. We sat together for at least 5 straight minutes, admiring it. And my mother asked me to please name my future son Shmuel, which I was going to do anyhow, because it, together with it’s Arabic counterpart (Ishmael) is my favorite Hebrew name. So have you managed to open up a Mabat news clip? Let me know. Aba and I watch it about twice a month because it’s free and we pause it each time a word is spoken that I do not understand and he translates it for me. I consider myself 99% fluent in spoken Hebrew. Sometimes even Aba doesn’t know a word because it was coined after he left Israel. Ultra modern Ivrit, if you will. So, the 7 differences are….
1. the alphabet
2. skullcap/yarmulke
3. the beard
4. the religious symbolism under slightly varied artistic styles.
5. I don’t know what else.
Okay so the differences are also not really differences (I tricked you):
1. The alphabet (both semite languages)
2. Skullcap/Yarmulka (Kippas of different sizes)
3. Beard/no beard (hair is hair,only in different parts of the head)
4. The muslim star/ David star (look alike in different angles)
5. The word Peace tatood on forheads (same word in 2 languages)
6. Dove/olive branch (together they will come with a message of peace)
7. “I am Palestinian/ Israeli” (same land)

5. Gil Avineri - January 9, 2009
6. artbeyondwords - January 9, 2009

moving, thought provoking, and powerful in the simplicity of truth. so glad I happened upon you here, tripping through this blogosphere. May your creativity and intent resonate soundly,

7. Orly Avineri - January 9, 2009

This visual message is a humanitarian one…not political…global …not local.

8. Gil Avineri - January 9, 2009

Que vivan las tias humanitarias! The subliminal “differences” are so obvious now that you point them and their slyness out. The truth is as sly as a fox. Evading conventional wisdom and common knowledge. Truths are always paradoxical. Oxymoronic. One must be armed with intuition to see through the fog of rote thinking and status quo. Your art enriches our lives and I am going to share this particular piece with a dear Palestinian friend of mine.

poetically said

9. Renee Khan - January 9, 2009

A visual lesson for us all.

10. M. - January 9, 2009

I wish a time, where we all human beings live our lives peacefully and respectfully with other mankind and nature. It’s hard when your neighbors from north and south want to destroy you or they don’t believe in your right to exist.. I wish we would hear voices like yours coming from the other side too, as loud and clear as they are from our side….. then I’m sure we will be able to live in peace and “sof sof nuchal leaniach et charbeinu ve lahafoch otam le mazmerot”, I wish…..!

11. Handan - January 9, 2009

Mooi gedaan Orly!

Ik zag op tv een erg interessante uitzending over de Koran. Een Engelse onderzoeker zei dat ze onlangs een versie van de Koran vonden die eerder dan de 250 jaar na Mohammed geschreven was, namelijk 70 jaar na Mohammed en daar waren er geen puntjes op de letters. Hij liet zien dat door de punctuatie anders te zetten de betekenis 100% agressiever is geworden. Het leek eerder erg op de Thora en de Bijbel. Ze zeggen dat de latere versie door een Arabische stam, die Wahabi heet, gemaakt is. Het lijkt gewoon gekaapt. Zij bouwen ook met oliedollars moskeeën in Duitsland voor Turkse gastarbeiders om zielen te winnen. Die man, die dat had onderzocht durfde zelf niet herkenbaar op TV te verschijnen, erg, he?!

12. Renee Khan - January 10, 2009

Orly, thanks so much. I used this picture in my blog but can’t figure out again how to link it back here. I just put your name beside it and will figure out the link this week.

Thanks, great art.

13. Maya - January 11, 2009

This piece portrays a great message that all should know.
We must achieve peace together.
This is a fabulous spread and I think you should make more like it.

14. Ilan - January 11, 2009

Many differences, but many similarities as well. It is more important for everyone to know that the world is one living organism which makes us the same, all one living body of people. I love how this post has a great message.

15. drkshadow17 - January 20, 2009

wow….most things just say “find the differences” but your also saying “find the similarities”, i love that idea. Everyone is created equally, no matter what people look like, we’re all similar. Even though our fears, what makes us happy, what makes us sad, our likes and dislikes, and what we cannot stand may be different, we are all human and we all should live happily.

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