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Spread #35- Fall into Step January 15, 2009

Posted by Orly in Spreads.

spread-35-fall-into-step1 You probably have noticed it before…my art is inspired by the smallest of ‘things’…a word, an old photograph, a single memory, a cracking wall, a paint chip, a food dish, a sentiment, a sense, a thought, even a cabbage.. However, this art is inspired by the grandest of them all..my stepmother. Why grand you may ask. To whatever I am going to say now add the phrase ‘the most’. For example: She taught me…the most. ‘Most’ here means more than anybody that is not my child. So here it goes…She taught me…,cared for me…, sang for me…, inspired me…, encouraged me…, understood me…., listened most attentively and most patiently to my words and my silence, my heart, my soul, my pain, my joy, my failures, my triumphs, my rhythm. I dedicate this artwork to her on this special day that is her birthday. 


1. Peggy - January 16, 2009

It is 6 o’clock in the morning and I have begun my day the usual way…I check my email and often look at your blog. As you have probably gathered, I do not tend to make comments there.
I often have thoughts and deeply-felt reactions, sometimes very emotional, but do not share them publicly. So, this morning when I opened your blog, I was greeted by a posting that left me breathless. I am so moved and incredulous that you have created something so personal and extraordinary about me. I don’t know that I have lived up to your description but I am so deeply touched by what you have done. I can’t tell you how much the beautiful art and the words affect me. Suffice to say that raising you and being a part of your life has brought me deep joy and personal satisfaction. As you yourself know, nurturing a family is one of the great endeavors of a life well-lived. Toda lach Orly.
Ohevet otach meod,

2. Karenann Young - January 16, 2009

I really love your art work!!! Not sure how I found your blog, but it was very recently. Great job!!!

3. Ilan - January 16, 2009

This spread is so colorful and full of heart. Your step-mom, my grandma, is an amazing human being and I think it is amazing how you can make a whole art piece, and an intelligent heart-felt writing, just for her on her special day. This is great! 😀

4. donna - January 17, 2009

What a beautiful portrait of the two of you Orly! You both look so happy! It is really touching to see such a heartfelt portrayal of such obvious love and appreciation the two of you have for one another. What an inspiring relationship!

5. Renee Khan - January 17, 2009

Lovely tribute Orly. Very thoughtful of you and I am sure that she loves it.



6. drkshadow17 - January 20, 2009

thats amazing!! I was good at art…..in like kindergarten….then i had art class and my teachers started “teaching me new ways to draw”. i used to be able to draw things from pictures almost exactly like how the pictures looked, but now that skill is gone from me. I still look at my ABC book from kindergarten and i am amazed at how well i used to draw. Art classes ruined me unfortunatly.

I seem to learn stuff when i feel like it and am on the computer. I can be looking at someones blog and read random facts and remember most of them. For example, the earth rotates around the sun at around 68,000 mph. Thats what i learned from reading someone else’s blog. Exactly wht my blog is random-most people learn easily when they’re looking at stuff randomly and arent bored because when your brain is bored, it doesnt want to learn.


7. Maya (not logged in) - January 21, 2009

Wow…this art is so inspirational…I admire it deeply…
…The rainbow-colored stria (or stripes) on the side adds a bit of…brightness to the scene…not that it lacks of it…:)
I love when you make art so colorful and vivid.

~ 8) Maya.

8. Maya (not logged in) - January 22, 2009


9. drkshadow17 - January 23, 2009

awesome use of CSS!! i love background and text box!

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