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Spread #38- One-Stop Windows, Doors & Walls February 5, 2009

Posted by Orly in Spreads.


 Why is it that we are so intrigued by sights and images of windows, doors & walls? Why do they arouse our curiosity, pique our interest, charm and captivate us? Is it the secrets they hold? The life they reveal or conceal? The in-betweens? Is it the words that reside inside, or freely roam outside of them? Or the words that cannot stay in, nor come out and so they find themselves graffitied on the wall? Is it because of the layers, the colors, or the textures? Is it the shadow or the light that peeks through it? Is it the music, the stories, the poems that come and go through them? Is it that they speak to very intimate places of our hearts, places we dare not visit? Is it that they resonate with our yearning desires to be somewhere else? What is it? Do you know?


1. Maya - February 7, 2009

This is a very interesting post. It is very, very inspiring. …It’s beautiful…all the warm color and words surrounding this moving art….it’s just BEAUTIFUL…

2. stephanie - February 8, 2009

Good questions posed…AND…OK…this is the BEST comment section I have EVER seen. It’s what I want the walls of my new studio space to look like.


3. Stephanie - February 8, 2009

Hi Orly,

So, me again,

I just spent a few minutes on your site and have fallen in LOVE! I love ALL of your work and can see I need many more hours to absorb more.


4. m. heart - February 8, 2009

hi orly! first, thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your comment on my 1,000th post. your work is beautiful and i’m definitely going to spend some time looking around here some more.

also….you won first place in my drawing! whoo-hoo! let me know which one of the three images you would like and send your address so i can get that right out to you!

thanks again!

5. Handan Arik - February 10, 2009

Ik ben heel erg onder de indruk van dat met ramen en deuren.
Ik moest een beetje denken aan het werkstuk dat je maakte op de HBK. met de Nederlandse ramen…
–Let’s go together to Italy or so and have vacation, Orly! ;D
It’s so cold here.

6. ::βrꆆ:: - February 10, 2009

Interesting… I to think about this and I thought it was most centered in Ireland cause they have very interesting doors… 😀 Odd, this is a nice post! Intriguing!

7. ::βrꆆ:: - February 10, 2009

I’m an artist too! I like to doodle and sketch things that I see 😉

8. ::βrꆆ:: - February 10, 2009

I was wondering…
How many Spread are you thinking of making? and are you gonna post your drawings and thigns or are these just the only ones you do? 😀
Orly: There are other things I do other than posting my art on my blog, this is for my digital art.

9. Lara - February 11, 2009

I agree with Steph, I am falling in love here.
Windows and doors are liminal spaces, the inbetween where the real and unreal push up on each others edges just as they do in the mind of an artist. The contain myth and magic. Perhaps that is why we are so intrigued by them.
xo lara
Hi Lara, Thanks for your poetic comment..I was trying to get to your blog but Safari ‘says’ it cannot find it. I’ll try again later, or e-mail me. I appreciate your words.

10. ::βrꆆ:: - February 11, 2009

Oh…. Ok ;D Thanks for telling, I’m a “wondering” person…

11. ::βrꆆ:: - February 12, 2009

Thanks for that comment! 😉 Wow, nice OraSource site! That’s cool, you we’re born in Israel? That’s interesting! Thanks again, I’ll never stop drawing! 😀

12. trish - February 18, 2009

thank you so much for the comment! I really need to catch up on my blogging, but it’s been a crazy week, hopefully soon I can spend a whole day online:)
have a good evening!

13. Mike - February 19, 2009

Besides the visual stimulation of your work, there is a very direct and honest sense of communication, an aspect I feel is sorely lacking in the majority of the artwork created in our time, as well as in my own.

14. Ilan - February 23, 2009

I love your relation between dad’s old door store, and where he comes from. In your quirky way you take a damaged wall picture from guatemala, which some would find weird, and make it look like a piece of art. You make objects into art and that is incredible that very few people can do. You should be proud! 🙂

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