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Spread #40- On The Map February 19, 2009

Posted by Orly in Spreads.

spread-40-on-the-map This week…big celebrations…it’s my 40th entry on my blog…and it’s my 50th birthday. Don’t even think that they are not connected. They are! I was always wondering why people getting older feel strange about disclosing their age, since I never did. Well I know now. The ‘bigger’ I get…the ‘bigger’ I get…Yes, it does make sense. As I get older I am becoming the woman I always dreamed of becoming. I find plenty of beauty these days, inside of me, in previously murky places. The blog is a huge part of it. Through it I come closer and closer to recognizing and realizing my true desires, and, as a result, the desires of others. Through the blog, I returned to art as my spiritual practice, to people of this world as my fellow heart-mind-spirit-globe-trotters, and last but not at all least, to my handsome husband and children as the compass for the directions I need to follow. When I started this blog eight months ago, little did I know that my mantra ‘When I open my eyes I see paradise’ would actually become my new nature. My 50 years brought me here. How can I not say it proudly? This art today represents dirt roads and fanciful paths, lost and found ways…my innumerable maps.


1. kelly - February 21, 2009

Have the Happiest of Birthdays, Orly!!!!

2. Lina M - February 21, 2009

Hope your Birthday and many more to come are as bright, warm and filled with love as this journal. Lots of love, Lina

3. Gil - February 21, 2009

Bli Ayin Araa. I’m so glad you focused on just yourself this time around. It’s time to give the selflessness a short, brief break. Congratulations for achieving your personal version of self-actualization. It reminds me of that song. You should see the video of it, so spiritual. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAYHTES4whs
Nevermind his mortal speech. He really just means the inevitability of IMMORTALITY. We live forever. What a concept. This song makes me fly. You ought to check out pictures of Jenine and I online. I will link you soon.

Orly: That was odd..all my art work and my writings are about me…or as Federico Felini better said it: “Even if I set out to make a film about a fillet of Sole, it would be about me”. (:

4. donna - February 21, 2009

Very exciting things on the horizon Orly – 50 should go down in history as one of the most inspiring, happy, fruitful and joyous years yet!

I am happy to be able to spend some of that time with you on our respective journeys!

5. Dawn - February 21, 2009

You are amazing. I feel as though you are just scratching the surface of your infinite talent and abilities. Your work makes my heart ache, it is so beautiful. You have grown so much. I have always been in awe of your creativity, but these are new levels and I am so overjoyed to see what you are doing.

6. Yankale - February 21, 2009

Well. It is a new milestone, but isn’t every day a new one, when you experience your life as intense as you do now?

As with many of your creations I can so much associate with your thoughts on this one too “On the map and all over the map” and from my point of view, most of the spots on your map, are mine too. And I am glad and proud that they are…
I think about it a lot and every time I am surprised (and happy) to see how you bring these thoughts to life with your beautiful creations.

Funny, but I’m also a little into number connections now, so I figured that the sum of Amir’s 30th birthday and Keren’s 25th… is our (Tami’s and my) numbers of years (55). And this occures only once in a lifetime.

I know that you are only in the beginning of your journey. You will get much “bigger” and eventually you WILL discover that the woman you became was beyond what you can dream now.
Dare to dream even bigger!!!
Love you

Orly: Thanks for this thoughtful comment..You are right, we share most of the spots..how cool? I thought it was really nice how the sum of the ages of your children equals to your age. I got curious and asked Tamar, my sister, (of course I couldn’t do it myself, I am a right brainer) who is a university math teacher, to calculate what will be my age when the sum of Ilan’s and Maya’s age will be equal to mine? She replied: When Maya is 36 and Ilan is 39, the sum of their ages will be 75, which is how old you will be at the time.” How cool..and I am adding that I will be 20 years older then you when that happened..Funny. I promise you to dream bigger..I do dare. Neshikot.

7. Ilan - February 22, 2009

When I open my eyes I see paradise has become your overall nature. I love how this spread reflects on the first version. It’s almost like a conclusion spread to the introduction of your journey. Love you so much and good job, I am proud of you! 😀

8. drkshadow17 - February 22, 2009

happy b-dayy 😀

9. ::βrꆆ:: - February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Orly! You don’t seem older to me, you seem like 42! Well, anyways happy birthday! Keep up your work! 😉

10. Ela - February 24, 2009

Thank you for sharing those beautiful art pieces as well as those touching and moving words that always seem to get my thoughts going. I enjoy every one of them!
I want to wish you a joyful birthday!
You have always been a wonderful admirable woman in my eyes as well as an amazing role model but it makes me happy that you can say “As I get older I’m becoming the woman I always dreamed of becoming” It is a wonderful thing to know that people can and do recognize their marvelous self : )
I have said this before and I will say it always…I am very lucky to know you.
Someone who can see the beauty of this world and all it has to offer…as well as us to it, someone who sees this life as an adventurous journey…with lots to look forward to, someone who can give their time, love, thoughts and creativity so selflessly.
I know I have a lot of learning to do…and a lot of growing…but I would be happy if some day I can say the same words you are saying now on your 50th birthday.
I wish nothing but the best of love, peace and happiness for you on your birthday!

11. Renee Khan - February 24, 2009

When I open my eyes I see paradise. How wonderful Orly.

Happy Birthday.

Thank you for your beautiful comments.

You are such a beautiful person and your mantra tells all. Now I know why your nephew is such a beautiful young man.

Love Renee xoxoxo

12. trish - February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

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