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Spread #41- The Gift February 28, 2009

Posted by Orly in Spreads.

spread-41-the-gift It is only in the last few years that I’ve been willing to open my mind to hear the phrase: “Your talent and creativity is a gift to the world.” Nevertheless, in spite of the openness, I still thought: “Oh, that’s such a cliché, c’mon, how a few art pieces, as good as they are, be a gift to the world?” I did try to believe it with all my heart. I tried and tried, thinking that if I do believe it, it would lead to a great sense of self. Yippee! It didn’t work out though. I just couldn’t see my ‘stuff creating’ as ‘a gift to the world’, or as an act that can benefit the world in a significant or profound way. And you know why? Because it can’t. It just can’t. A beautiful image can be an eye pleaser to one individual, a thought provoker, a spirit tickler, a soul soother, a mood changer, and many more xxxxx xxxxxxers. Yes, it has its powers just like enjoying an exquisite meal has, or anything else for that matter. Well…I did solve my puzzle not too long ago, I got it, I see it now. It’s not the talent, nor the creativity that is ‘the gift’ in and of itself, it’s not. It’s through my recent experiential learning, associated with the pursuing of the vocation of an art journaling teacher, that I came to a clear realization. And that is, that the gift of creativity does not lie in showcasing it myself, but in drawing it out of others. I know I use ‘my gift’ well when one leaves my company with a new belief in his/her own natural born talent and a deep sense of renewed creativity. That knowledge is the greatest gift I can be given in these, new for me, less selfish days.


1. ::βrꆆ:: - February 28, 2009

It is a gift to the world, see there’s no ” because it is true. Its a gift because your teaching others by art and how to be pure, not someone else and u teach us or me the true things in life! 😉

2. Mike - March 1, 2009

Just passing by. Your website have great content!


3. ~xPrownPilk - March 1, 2009

I really like this piece! It’s simple and calm, but it’s pure and it’s kind to the eye. I love the colors on the piece, too. 🙂 I like it when you make art pieces like this one!

4. Renee Khan - March 4, 2009

Interesting as always Orly. But your art has been a gift to me many times.

Love Renee

5. stephanie - March 5, 2009

I have had these same thoughts, that what I do is just adding to the weight of the world. Great to know that you are feeling fulfilled teaching, your students are very lucky.

6. Photo Gal CA - March 7, 2009

Orly thank you for sharing your gift to us all. You truly have a creative gift, and in teaching others you help others realize that they too may have a gift, one they had not been able to realize until you showed them how to bring it out. You are a very fine artist and thank you for sharing your talent with us all.

7. Gil - March 17, 2009

Barukh Hashem! Give someone a fish and they’ll eat for a day. Teach them how to fish and they’ll eat forever. Allah Hu Aqbar!

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