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Spread #43- I Dare You March 15, 2009

Posted by Orly in Spreads.


…to art journal with me. I dare you to be bold and messy, to set your wanderings on the pages of a journal, to abandon timeworn thought forms and self-doubt, to allow yourself freedom. I dare you to come back to your senses.

Art Journaling, nowadays, is no longer for artists only. A great Art Journal Movement has emerged. Individuals from all walks of life, all corners of our globe, express themselves, share their journey with journal pages, with family and friends, on the Internet, with strangers, fellow journalers, through their blogs, and via land mail. They gather in collective journal celebrations. It is breathtaking as it is infectious.

I’ve been posting my digital journal spreads on my blog for about nine months now. During that time I have found a whole community of art journalers, an unimaginable source of wonder, a sense of sweet global connectedness, a spring of simple yet grand joys.

These sentiments have cultivated in me the want to share with you, my neighbors here in the South Land, what undoubtedly became a spiritual practice to me. Now I dare you to join me on a jaunty journal journey!

Take a look at the classes workshops and events I offer to you at this time. Find what suits you. Book a private event in your own space.

And if ‘gathering’ is not your ‘thing’ but you wish to journal, get yourself a nice, blank, simple book, some markers, paints, pens, pencils, images, scraps of paper…and journal away…The page has no limits…I dare you!


1. donna - March 16, 2009

First you introduced me to the glorious blank page, by giving me a very special gift – and I realized after I got over my initial intimidation that I actually have a lot to say, (and I say it quite well incidently!) a lot I feel, it just poured over the page, oozed from all my nooks and crannies – who knew? Then I had the distinct honor and grand pleasure of inducting the Southbay edition of your Round Robin, and what a surprising burst of unadulterated fun that was – can’t wait to see it in its completion! Then, feeling sickish for two weeks, unfocused and not exactly “up” – I dragged myself to your class and felt a lot of heaviness be lifted off my shoulders, a truly cathartic experience -I felt out of my element at first, but then it was just fun and engaging and again stuff just kind of poured on out (the hour and a half flew), and it gave me the chance I needed to focus on present things of importance, where just prior to arriving I had no idea where to begin. I am very happy and grateful for that opportunity as I was completely inspired – and I can’ t wait to give myself permission to do it again next week! Yayyyyyy!
Thanks Orly for opening some new doors and windows and blowing the cobwebs out of my head!

2. Rachel - March 16, 2009

This spread is amazing..
Count me In!!!!!!

This is the most refreshing, inspiring art class I have heard of!
I cannot wait, I have so many sketches and poetry in shoe boxes and envelopes, It would be so wonderful to get them all together in ONE place!!

Not only that but I LOVE the idea of having a special place to let it all out!!!
No limits…
I have never tried this, but always been drawn to it- Self expression is such a healing tool…

Looking forward to the class!!! 😀 😀 😀

3. Gil - March 17, 2009

It’s SO good. So scrumptious to the eyes.

4. Gil - March 17, 2009

May you become evermore prolific in the physical manifestations of your metaphysical genius. Bli Ayin Arah!

5. Dawn - March 19, 2009

Orly: Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love your journal pages and am hoping to take a class from you soon! Can’t wait to meet you…

6. Ilan - March 19, 2009

I dare you to be colorful mom! Oh wait, you already are. Not just your art, but you as a person. Just as you compile, cut, paste, doodle, sketch, glue, staple a journal…You do the same in every aspect of your life. These journal pages don’t just show the beauty of your mind, but they show the beauty of your heart and soul that i have admired all my life and that i have learned so much off of. Learning from you, i can compile my future, paste my future, doodle my future, sketch my future, and best of all shape my own future thanks to the life lessons you have instilled in me. You should be proud of yourself for you have done well beyond my expectations from a mom. Thanks to you i can be proud of who i am. So i thank you and never stop journaling. And never stop taking people on thier own journeys of enlightenment, just as you have taken me all these years. Keep up the good work, and I love you mom.

7. Renee Khan - March 19, 2009

Orly I love your spreads and good luck in your endeavour.


Love Renee

8. Lyon - March 21, 2009

This doesn’t relate to the post, but I wanted to ask you this question because I didn’t want to bother Ilan again. On the sidebar where you can copy the HTML of your widget, how did you get that HTML into a box like that?

Orly: Hi Lyon, I’m sorry to disappoint you but I have no idea. You will have to bother Ilan again after all…he is responsible for all the cool tech on my blog. (: I just do my art..Am I not lucky?

9. ~xPrownPilk - March 22, 2009

Hi Mom! I don’t mean to advertise but I just wondered if you’d like to join my Art Challenge on the 28th! It’s going to be really fun. If you have more questions, it’ll have more info on my site on the 28th. 🙂 Please try it!


Orly: I’d love to join your Art Challenge..I’m looking forward to it.

10. Lyon - March 22, 2009

Ok thanks for telling me Orly! I also can’t wait to see your entry in Maya’s Art Challenge. We really haven’t talked recently which feels so weird since I talk to Ilan so frequently. I geuss I’ll have to comment more often.

11. ::βrꆆ:: - March 22, 2009

LOlz, you are lucky Orly. Ilan is great. He made me a header! He’s the best. So, long time no comment. Sorry… Your an amazing artist! HeHe.

12. taylor - March 29, 2009

I just “discovered”you via journal fest. I love your work. It is wonderful. I will be visiting your blog often and hope to take your class if I go to journal fest.

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