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Spread #49- Homage to Chotchkies April 29, 2009

Posted by Orly in Spreads.


Chotchkie- a word derived from the Yiddish language derogatorily describing a little decorative ‘thing’ of little or no purpose we love to set around our house. Chotchkies have a bad rep and I do understand why. We may ask how can a fake Porcelain angel, a plastic flower or a Ceramic figurine of anything have a sentimental, aesthetic, financial, or any kind of value? On the other hand what are we without our chotchkies? What is our home unless adorned by chotchkies? How our stories are told with the absence of chotchkies? So disapprove all you want of chotchkies, knickknacks, trinkets, and such, but show me your home and I’ll show you an extensive collection of chotchkies. And you know why? Cause we NEED them. A-ha, yes, we do. No one can survive life chotchkieless. We NEED them to help define ourselves to us and to visitors of our space. To help us remember ourselves, remind us of our identity when we momentarily and routinely forget. They help us travel when we don’t have money for a ticket to an exotic land. They warm up our hearts. They beautify our days. They give us a sense of connection to a bigger, more exciting and interesting world than our house, to cultures, societies, nature, languages, people and to so much more. They fill up our senses. So how in the world do chotchkies have little or no value? Do you agree? Do chotchkies do anything else for you? And if so, what is it?


1. donna - April 29, 2009

“No one can survive life chotchkiless.”
Ahh…truer words were never spoken – your crackin’ me up…

2. trish - April 29, 2009

I agree-the (few) little Chotchkie’s that I have that once belonged to my grandma are more precious than gold!

Thanks for the comment-I was excited:) haven’t had a comment for a few days:( I really do need to start sketching more, it makes me happy!

take care and have a good Wednesday!!

3. eb - April 29, 2009

love this post – lots of chotchkes here for sure – thanks for the permission to gather…

xox – eb.

4. Renee Khan - April 29, 2009

I love my chotchkies. And the ones I love most have no value to anybody but me.

Orly I find that you inspire me. I have told my family about you. I have told them about your children too. I have told them about your nephew Gil.

And do you know why. Because I think you are all people who genuinely care about the world and the people in it. I feel love and peace whenever I come here or you leave a comment on my blog. There is a presence that comes from contact with you Orly.

Love you my friend.

Love Renee xoxoxo

5. dawnds - April 29, 2009

I just have to say that I am REALLY loving your journal pages…you rock!

6. stephanie - April 29, 2009

oh yes I agree….my life is filled with chochkies from all our travels as well as collections COLLECTIONS galore! I try to find inexpensive local folk art and I consider these chockies….any little thing that gathers dust 🙂

I have been in homes with none and they look sterile….

7. Ilan - May 3, 2009

My favorite in this spread are all the drawings of pots from different angles. They are distorted in a way that makes them unique and special. I love it!

8. Gil - May 6, 2009

you and yours are some of my favorite chotchkies. i call the entire world my home. so my chotchkies are spread throughout the land.

9. Gil - May 6, 2009

i know i sort of missed the point there. but on purpose. just trying to send some silly love your way. not reducing you down to an inanimate object. i know you know that. just had to put in that disclaimer, after the fact.

10. Ana - May 8, 2009

Beautiful beautiful words…
Love this spread! And love my chotchkies! Such a good word 🙂
Have a fantastic weekend!

11. Kate - June 20, 2012

Hi, wonderful thoughts! Someday, when I am a bit older and most likely overcome w/dementia, I hope someone places one of my chotchkies in my hands, so that I may travel to a place in time filled with wonder and delight. Peace, Kate 🙂

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