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Spread #56- Art Journaling 1on1 June 17, 2009

Posted by Orly in Spreads.

Spread 56- Art Journaling 1on1

The beauty of art journaling, for me, lies in it being something between a secret journal, locked and hidden away for ‘no one else to see”, and a painting exhibited in a gallery ‘for every one to see’. This is where my comfort zone is. This is where possibilities are. And where there are possibilities, you find freedom and you find play. An art journal is full of diversions, opportunities, opportunities to reveal and conceal. It is intimate and direct. It is all between you and one other soul.

“This is an art form that must be experienced as it was created, one on one! just as you are doing right now, your head bent over the pages, you feel the time pass. You see ideas unfold and deepen, you see risks, mistakes, regrets, thoughts, lessons, dreams, all set down on these pages, for an audience of ONE.” -Danny Gregory


1. elizabeth bunsen - June 18, 2009

love what you say about journaling – so true and that conceal/reveal pardox is what makes journal pages so compelling – and yours ALWAYS inspire…

love coming to see whats new

xox – eb.

Mary - June 18, 2009

I just found your site….love your art work!! There are as many ways to art journal as there are grains of sand.

2. GyPsY - June 18, 2009

I love this, great collage, colours, composition very striking and original. And I agree with you, how much of your soul are you willing to reveal?

3. trish - June 19, 2009

thanks for the comment! I would so love to live close by so I could take one of your art journal classes! I sometimes wish I could get my family or friends interested, seems like it would be fun and motivating to create with others (then again, I rarely feel comfortable working in my art journal when someone is watching…?)
well, take care and enjoy your weekend! I have 2 days off and hope to use it to make some backgrounds in my new journal-yeah;)

4. christina hsu - June 21, 2009

wonderful class today as always. I am drawn to the aspect revealing and concealing through journaling and I loved how you used windows and doors in this project today.

5. Susan Tuttle - June 26, 2009

Such a poignant post — thank you.

I am really digging this journal spread!


6. Lady P - June 28, 2009

I am really vibing with those thoughts on journaling – it is an area of expression that I hope to begin in the near future – your blog will certainly help lead the way for me, of that I can tell

7. Gil - June 29, 2009

My dream is to some day put all my art journals on table at a coffee shop for people sitting there to pick them up and turn the pages. Then perhaps rotate the journals among several cafes and main areas of communal households. Public but not so public that they might get snatched and disappear.

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