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Spread #57- Free To Move About June 24, 2009

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

Spread 57- Free to Move About

Although it is a fundamental right of every human being, freedom doesn’t come easy. With the events taking place in Iran these days, I cannot take my freedom for granted. I ought to remind myself each and every day, of my expansive freedom to feel, think, say and do, to be creative with all of that, and the freedom to be at peace. It is every human being who hungers for freedom, sweet freedom. I have it. Being gratefully aware is the least I can do.


1. donna - June 25, 2009

Was feeling a huge bout of gratitude on this end as well in light of the recent events mentioned. We are so unbelievably fortunate compared to a good share of the world out there with regard to freedom. It is good to count our many blessings. Thanks for the reminder…

2. joanne - June 25, 2009

last week near where i live there was a demonstration of Iranian-American people (1000+ people) who gathered at a very large intersection during the evening rush hour… traffic was stopped for miles around… it occurred to me that i could just wait in the long line of cars and drive by on home, or i could find a place to park, stop, put myself in the middle, and actually experience their passion… to get just a bit closer to the taste of what it must be like not to live with the freedom most of us so take for granted… as i stopped, took some photos, and just immersed in the energy, it was a powerful experience of just that… stopping… and noticing… a wave of gratitude and appreciation for my own life and freedom to live it… a wave of compassion for those around me… they were so appreciative that there were others without personal ties to Iran willing to stop and listen to them, and just be with them…

thank you for writing this post, for visiting and leaving me such a beautiful comment, so that i would click through and expand the circle of friendship… connected by our creativity… and even more so by our hearts…

your blog and artwork are lovely… your heart is lovelier…

3. Anairam - June 25, 2009

I discovered you through your comment on artsyville, and I have to say that I’ve fallen in love with your art journal. I started my very first one last year, but it is going very slowly, I haven’t really found my groove yet, I think. SOmetimes months go by without me doing something in it. I really like your layered style – it speaks to me – it is the kind of thing I would like to achieve, but mine is still a bit ‘bare’. And yes, freedom, what a great privilege. We won ours 15 years ago, and I hope that we can grow it and expand it, and not fritter it away …

4. Maya - June 25, 2009

This spread is very inspiring. The words + the art work extremely well together; the art is so pretty, colorful, and imaginative – the words are meaningful.
This post is one of my favorites, really. I hope you make more like this.

5. Stephanie - June 25, 2009

Here Here Orly…I too am grateFULL for all that I have and am able to do…I think of this daily

thank you for putting this out there….


6. Lady P - June 26, 2009

I relish in the fact that I am a woman who can live as she pleases, without a man should I wish to be alone, not be ostracized by the public for being without child, and able to work as I chose and pay my own way – whatever direction that may take me.

Thank you for reminding me of how great it is to wake each day with the freedom that I have – I know that days go by and I don’t remember what I should be thankful for, especially when so many never can have their own voice heard.

7. Renee Khan - June 26, 2009

Orly you are so wise. Freedom for all of us is necessary. I pray for what is going on in Iran and I have nothing but admiration for the people that are so brave and marching.

I feel like I would want my kids to hide in the house. But they are brave.

Love Renee xoxoxo

8. aimee - June 26, 2009

beautifully written and painted, orly… i admit that i take my freedom for granted far more often than i should. (from time to time i read the handmaid’s tale, and suddenly i feel grateful for it again.) i’ve never known a lack of freedom and i hope i’ll never have to…

i just noticed that you were teaching at journalfest – oh, how i wish i could go! xo A

9. Line Juhl Hansen - June 26, 2009

Thank you for commenting on my blog and for linking to it!! Just checked out your fantastic work both on your blog and the website. So full of energi and stories – so original and personal. LOVE IT!!!!!

10. Sssaam - June 27, 2009

This spread is wonderful. It screams freedom and peace. I love the idea of peace fingers (see my icon?). The birds symbolize freedom, a great visible metaphor. It’s incredible how there’s so much more to your art than just the picture itself. This one has a meaning, and gives a message. It has multiple meanings actually. Each symbol gives a different message, yet all together, they create one directive. Flight is the ultimate path to freedom, as we humans see it. I think we all have had the dream of spreading our wings, and taking a ride on the clouds. If only imagination weren’t the single place where this cogitation were to truly occur. As for now, we can only imagine the great feeling of floating effortlessly in the sky. Ilan informed me about how you create the spreads through clippings and images put together. I really think it’s marvelous, and imaginative. Keep up the good work, and I am anxious to see your next spread.


11. Lady P - June 28, 2009

Oh my – you have just really lightened my heart a few octaves and a half with you lovely comments and inclusion in a roll of people that I already think are pretty fab. I did the same!! I had just not gotten around to adding that feature to my blog, but I have it now and I am certain the list will continue to grow.
Nice to meet you and I will now be checking in regularly (wink)

12. Gil - June 29, 2009

Well said. Well said indeed.

13. Mike - August 1, 2009

Hi Orly,

I was just reading through a few of your blogs – When I came to this one a flush went through my body – I realize how often I say to myself, “Mike, you are so darn fortunate to: live in a nice home, have a wonderdul family, have many modern conveniences, and have personal and political freedom,” – and the thing that makes me flush with a tinge of guilt is: I DON’T NEED ALL OF THIS to live a good life. I realize how many people in the world have so few – or none – of the modern conveniences, and the personal and political freedoms I have – and all I can hope for those people, is that they are blessed with a loving family. Then I rationalize my “flushes” and go back to my middle class life. I wonder if any very rich people feel flushes because they think people like me are suffering. Everyhting is relative in life – and I am fortunate to be in the place that I am.

It was great – if short-lived – to see you and your family at Peggy’s.
All the best to you and your lovely family,

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