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Spread #59- Happy Interdependence Day July 4, 2009

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Spread 59- Happy Interdependence Day

On this fourth day of July and also my man’s birthday, I choose to celebrate interdependence. Independence is good, but interdependence, better, as it relates to reliance on one another to achieve a better life to all, within one’s family, community, city, state, country, continent, and most importantly these days, within our globe. In terms of self-expression, which seems somehow to tie to everything that matters to me, a devotion to come out of seclusion and create in inclusion will take care of our individual needs and the needs of others as far from us as they may be.

“We do not live independently of one another but are deeply intertwined. Like the proverbial butterfly deep in the Amazon, who by flapping his wings affects the weather patterns halfway around the globe, everything we do sends out waves of effects in a seamless pattern of interbeing. Many of us long to bring the awareness of interconnectedness to the foreground of our experience, to celebrate and give expression to the web of relations.”         Nina Wise

Here is to Interdependence!


1. eb - July 4, 2009

Happy InterdepenDANCE day to you Orly!
thank you for these smiling pages
and the wonder-wise words of Nina Wise…

xox – eb.

2. kelly - July 5, 2009

I love your pages…I love your words.

Yes, Happy Interdependence Day to all of us ;), citizens of the world.

3. Renee Khan - July 5, 2009

Well said Orly.

Ilan is such a doll and how lucky for him to be seeing his family in guatemala.

Love Renee xoxoxo

4. Lady P - July 5, 2009

no woman is an island
though mine is facing a small drought at the moment
i look to you to remind me that there are always good moments of interdependence to look forward to
happy interdepence day

5. Anairam - July 5, 2009

What a beautiful page & great post – I so agree with the sentiment you expressed. As a society in general I feel we are moving further and further away from interdependence – it is scary and uncomfortable to depend on others or to allow them to depend on you – we want to live as individuals behind high fences … A Happy Interdependence Day to you! And a Happy Interdependence Day to us all. (PS Actually, my name in neither Ana Iram nor Anairam, Anairam is my pseudonym, perhaps even my alter ego. She can do and say things that I cannot, she lives quite a carefree life on fra(a)iing where she plays around & escapes from her not quite carefree reality, although a little bit of it seeps through sometimes. But I actually love the idea of Ana Iram – how beautiful! Never thought of that …)

6. Susan Tuttle - July 6, 2009

happy 4th to you — thank you for the great post on this celebratory weekend:) beautiful pages:)

7. Stephanie - July 6, 2009

Orly! Yes Yes! I love the idea of Interdependance….on July 4th and every day…

hope you had a happy interdepedance day and happiest of birthday celebrations!


8. joanne - July 8, 2009

lovely message… i agree wholeheartedly… it is what i loved most about the book Tuesdays with Morrie… his message that we are all dependent on one another, and this is something we ought to celebrate…

i hope you had a wonderful interdependence day and a wonderful birthday celebration too (i’m hoping there was a cake involved)…


9. Lyon - July 10, 2009

Wow I still cant belive how spectacular your art is. It’s to the point where it’s no simple trick off the computer, it really shows how you feel. But the reason I came here is to ask you how you like my new blog design. I redesigned it yesterday and I’d like to know your opinion on it.

10. Gil - July 12, 2009

i liked this so much that i re posted it unto my facebook wall so that all my people could taste some too. the round robin journal is moving along, spread by spread, soul by soul. It’s about 2/5 of the way done. And it looks fantastic!

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