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Spread #60- Having A Par-tay July 11, 2009

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Spread 60- Having A Par-tay

Okay so I had these leftover Chinese miniature vase paintings from my trip to China Town in LA after I have used some for my ‘Trip to China’ journaling class and also on spread #54- Mind Trip. Since then I stumble upon these magnificent little creations lying around and I ask myself what should I do with them? I cannot let them just be. Need to recycle. They are just breathtaking. Sheer, delicate, fragile, feminine, oozing with color, whimsy, spunk and lots of sensuality. Gotta do something. And they look like female shapes…party dresses…so yes you know what I’m thinking, seeing and imagining, and you know what I’m up to. So there it is. It’s a light and happy one, don’t you think? With all the festivities coming up surrounding my brother’s wedding I am all for light and happy…or must I have an excuse?


1. Anairam - July 11, 2009

Exquisite party dresses! And no, no excuses needed to have a party and to feel light and happy … Here’s to a light and happy weekend for you – have a party!
(PS I also loved the Mindtrip post – I should have more of those. I kind of have them by reading novels, but I think I should make my own as well …)

2. Lynn Fisher - July 11, 2009

I love the group of ladies…they’re so festive and fun!

3. Lyon - July 11, 2009

The way you used art from china town subject and put it into a party is amazing. I never would have thought of using vases as dresses. The ladies’ hats are very funny too. You did a very good job with this spred. It doesn’t have as much meaning behind it as the other ones, but I like how this one has more in it then your normal range of colors.

4. Ela - July 11, 2009

oh my! what a wonderful image!! I love everything about it! such a greatl idea Orly…it’s like the women can come to life and create a lively parteeee! : ) Festivities are my favorite, big or small, it brings a joy to ones life like no other.

5. Stephanie - July 11, 2009

I want to part-ay with you and these lovely ladies. You made them come to life…maybe I’ll bring the chickens over and we’ll cut a rug!


6. Lady P - July 12, 2009

par-tay ladies need a night out, that’s what I’m thinkin’

7. donna - July 13, 2009

What fun, Orly – these lovely ladies brought an immediate smile to my face this morning! Thanks for that!

8. joanne - July 15, 2009

these are just adorable… i LOVE what you did with them… so whimsical… and nope… need no excuses to be light and happy…

this comment box makes me light and happy… it’s a work of art itself… 🙂

9. eb - July 16, 2009

love these ladies – keep coming back for their sprghitly company…

xox – eb.

10. eb - July 16, 2009

that is…

xox – eb.

11. Mary - July 16, 2009

I love the whimsical party dresses. I also like your blog…I’m on WordPress too but most of the WordPress sites I have seen are kind of plain(including mine). Keep on par-taying!!!

12. aimee - July 18, 2009

this would make a great print! gorgeous collage/illustration!

13. trish - August 1, 2009

What a fun page!! I almost missed this post, glad I caught it today!

14. Shannan - August 9, 2009

LOOOOOVE this spread! Saw you in Artful Blogging – and indeed – your blog is scrumptious!!!!!

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