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Spread #61- Sweet Love July 18, 2009

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Spread 61- Sweet Love

My brother is getting married TODAY! ……Admit it, we walk around for years with persisting aching hunger for sweet love, we find that love, we grab that person who gives it to us, we marry that person, we promise we’ll give it back. Yeah, I know, we walk around for years denying it for as long as we possibly can, as we look at love as conflicting with freedom. Once we understand that both can coexist beautifully, we allow the two to marry. It is a bit tricky but totally possible to feel free in the ‘for ever’ company of one another. Just like we are unique individuals with distinctive personalities, each union has its own distinctive personality, an endearing quirk. I am not naive but I absolutely believe in love, sweet love, love is everything, yes it is.


1. Lady P - July 18, 2009

I still believe as well – and I am still looking for that special connection, that other being that makes me feel that love with another being is plausible, possible, good
yeah for true love!
yeah for your brother!
now- could you be my matchmaker and find my sweet love for me?
I can repay you with years of endearing love stories

2. aimee - July 18, 2009

what a perfect description of love and the process of pairing off! beautiful page – i like the “ahavah” in the top left corner. a wonderful, happy day to all of you!

3. Anairam - July 19, 2009

If you are lucky you find love, and if you are very lucky you find sweet love, and if you are very, very lucky you find sweet enduring love,and if you are very, very, very lucky you find sweet enduring love that also encompasses freedom and individuality. That is so rare and I am a very, very, very lucky person to have found it and have had it for 21 years so far …

May your brother and his wife also be very, very, very lucky and have a house full of love; and may you as well!

4. joanne - July 20, 2009

beautiful page, beautiful thoughts… congratulations to your family… oh yes, the sweetest of love… the kind of love that expands the universe for your beloved… that expands and expands and opens and opens to allow for the sweetest of freedom… and the simple beauty is that inside of that freedom we always want the sweet supportive arms of your sweetest beloved around us…

i love love 🙂

5. Stephanie - July 20, 2009

congratulations! I believe in love too…one that grows and changes, becomes sweeter…in different ways. Saw a lovely movie that made both Greg and me chat about this same thing…Enchanted April, very sweet, finding newness in an old love story…

6. Chris - July 24, 2009

Just have to add that I certainly believe in love too. It’s amazing to me that Eric and I met when I was 23. Now, 16 years later, we are closer and more in love by far than the day we got married. I find it almost wildly crazy that we could each have changed so much and yet still fit so perfectly. We are growing, but divinely compatibly.
My friend John just got married. He has had a long, difficult history with finding love. But he found it, so solidy. I could not be happier for him. Ecstatic! yay that love found itself in two more people!

7. Gil - August 5, 2009


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