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Spread #62- Good Journey July 25, 2009

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Spread 62- Good journey …or Bon Voyage, that’s what we hope for…to have our path wide open in-front of us and from time to time for other people to cross our path and for us to cross theirs…to teach us and learn from us…to love and be loved by us. The other day a friend of mine handed me 12 little black and white photographs dated in the back as taken in 1947. I didn’t recognize these people. I was puzzled. She said she didn’t know these people either. I was more puzzled. She said she found them in a jewelry box she bought at a garage sale and thought I would have an idea of something to do with them. What a gift. So here they are, a few of them. As I put this spread together I got more and more attached to the people in the pictures and to the images I was creating around them. The settings, the faces, the spaces, the objects, the time in these pictures evoked emotional response and nostalgic associations from me. The kind of response we get when we read a good book, see a good movie, listen to a piece of music. So I guess we feel comfortable on our familiar path with familiar faces in it but in the same time welcome the company of other ‘Characters’ and even need them to cross our path and be an integral part of our Bon Voyage.


1. Ela - July 25, 2009

Yes!! This is wonderful!! A path…everyone builds one…everyone is in one and everyone has one. It is very true that we can choose where that path is ultimately heading to but it’s everything in between…the unexpected…that we sometimes can’t choose. Either way those things are blessings…they are the people, the places, the experiences that bring light into our life. I am so happy you translated these pictures into a “Good Journey”, I see what you see now!
Wonderful art Orly!

2. Lady P - July 26, 2009

i have stumbled upon such “family” photos and then strangely become attached as well
sometimes i don;t want to use them in an art project, for i am not ready to let them go just yet

3. Stephanie - July 26, 2009

I can imagine that you created their ‘stories’ and sat with them, there. I also love how you use bon vogage…not as a good by, but has a hello…enjoying this ‘voyage…journey’ of daily life.

happy to have x’d your path

4. Renee Khan - July 27, 2009

Orly when I come here I always think of the old man you did and how you made him both a moslem and jew and said they were the same really. And they were and they are.

Orly thank you for your love.

Love Renee xoxo

5. beth - August 11, 2009

hi orly! congrats on the spread in artful blogging magazine. this post is lovely and true and i look forward to seeing what your up to as i settle into my new studio space. also i am in love with the “on the map and all over the map” mixed media piece shown.


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