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Spread #65- So You Think You Can Dance In Tandem? August 16, 2009

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Spread 65- So You Think You Can Dance in Tandem?

Many of the amazingly choreographed dances in the show “So you think you can dance’ beautifully portray the conflicted characteristics of coupledom. Pairs carry themselves in unison across the dancing floor or pull and push, reject and connect, moving from difficulty to ease in cyclical motion. As in dance, the beauty of anything, for me, lies in contradiction. In this spread, graphic ‘harsh’ black contours and soft boundless blobs of color, gracefully dance in tandem.

This one is honoring the fluidity and abruptness of couplehood. 


1. theartofyou - August 16, 2009

well, you,Orly, definitely can dance. In life, on paper, on your keyboard.
Thank you for your dancing heart!!

2. Lady P - August 17, 2009

I can’t tell you how much your words of encouragement touched my heart today – I am adrift, questioning my all and everything. I thought that by now I would have stumbled upon a job that could help pay bills and not deprive me of bits of my soul as I eeked my way through my artisitic discoveries that the blogging has allowed me. But with this heavy weight on my mind, I lapse at my creativity, my blogging seems less than a depiction of my inner self and I just wonder….when will I find my next career, when will my voice feel focused and true – sigh
thanks for listening, reading, but most of all, for those very, very kind words

3. Renee Khan - August 17, 2009

I am seriously crazy aboutthis one Orly.

Love you.

Renee xoxoo

4. Stephanie - August 17, 2009

I love your words here…

I also love how the color seeps…every so subtly into the black and white. The dance must have a bit of give and take…

Just returned from Julie/Julia….the whole family laughing at all the familiar blog references….I am happy to count you among my dear blog friends.


5. aimee - August 17, 2009

you have such a way of exploring and illustrating relationships and complex sentiments, orly – i really, really like this page!

joanne - August 17, 2009

love love love this page… i too am a lover of contradiction… especially within myself!

yin/yang… adam/eve… push/pull…

6. donna - August 17, 2009

Love the plump pouty lips, the hues and the pen and ink style illustrations – quite fun!

7. trish - August 18, 2009

another great page/post;) your blog is becoming my favorite stop of the day! Oh, and I never let my doodle breathe:( Just can’t seem to stop, now I’m adding color-just want to see which I like best, black and white or color:)
now though, I’m going to go to bed and read
Have a great week

8. Anairam - August 18, 2009

For many years I was passionate about dancing the tango – the passion has dissipated somewhat – but I still dance now and then. I was always amazed at how, with the same partner, one could have a truly fantastic dance – an experience in “oneness” – one day, and the very next day be all at odds – pushing and pulling in opposite directions. I think it depends on many things coming together at the same time to make any relationship, on or off the floor, get to that point of “oneness”. And of course, one can never sustain it … therefore one must savour those moments – absolutely savour them, for there are not so many of them as one would wish!

9. trish - August 18, 2009

Aww, thanks orly!! I’m so glad you like it:) Now, once I wake up I’m going to go color it some more-
have a great day!

10. eb - August 20, 2009

love wallowing in your beauty over here
savoring each lovely and vivacious spread
always inspiring me…

xox – eb.

11. Donna Watson - August 25, 2009

Of course I should add Robert Rauschenberg to my list— I have lots of his books. He was the original one who added ‘everything and anything’ to his work.

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