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Spread #66- You Are Here! August 24, 2009

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Spread 66- You Are here! I love maps…I always did…the rustling sound of a map unfolding, the smell after it being tucked away in the drawer for a while, the prettiness of it, the blocks of color, the lines, the letters, suggesting forests, deserts, oceans, rivers, creeks, cities, villages, endless forms of land and water, hinting of civilizations…exotic existence of humanity elsewhere, far. A vivid memory I have is that of my father’s upbeat voice uttering the words “Hey, let’s look it up,” his large yet gentle hands moving in excitement in close and intimate proximity to my very eyes, slowly but fast enough, presenting me with an instant new world, right there and then. These moments signified and still do, the forever existence of a permission to dream and of a sweet, sweet promise of living my days in enchanting and nourishing spaces on earth. Are you like me? Do you love maps? What is the promise maps hold for you?  


1. Stephanie - August 24, 2009

I have mapped my route and landed here…my internal compass led me as I needed to read these words.

I am working on a description of an art, yoga and meditation retreat in NM. Your words ‘living your days in (an) enchanting and nourishing space’ are really resonating.


2. jeanne - August 24, 2009

I agree with you. I am a traveler! I love exloring and having new experiences so maps always represent freedom to me. Gorgeous layout.

3. Brian Kasstle - August 24, 2009

I am so glad my journey led to your class Orly! I have learned so much and enjoyed the company the experience so very much! Thank you thank you to and your wonderful ladies!

Your page is beautiful and so inspiring! You always surprise and insprire!

4. Anairam - August 24, 2009

This journal page is so fantastic – I wish I could do one of your classes , Orly… (not a realistic possibility unfortunatlely, unless your map leads you to Cape Town in South Africa one day!) I found this page of yours very in tune with what I am doing this week – I am working on something for the ThisIsHome project – my slogan is Home is Here, and the image I am working on is based on a map of Africa – how is that for synchronicity!

5. Seth - August 25, 2009

Wonderful pages! And I am totally with you on maps. To me they represent travel, adventure, and possibilities!

6. donna - August 25, 2009

Hello my friend,
I love maps when they are maps of the world, maps of a country or maps of a state. Unfortunately when they are maps of smaller areas, street maps, the Thomas Guide – those I have found a bit daunting and often times instantaneously stressful. It goes something like “look at the map quick and see if I am supposed to take this exit…” and I look and I can’t find it and they are waiting and then it is like ” ahhh I passed the exit already – what are you doing over there? ” My co pilot skills have yet to be perfected…Oh well, the big plans when we are actually travelling – I have always seemed to plan the most exquisite routes, the most engaging, off the beaten track spots, where we ineveitably find fabulous friendly people, great sights, exceptional, homey, earthy cuisine made with love – I have been fortunate like that – and usually when we take wrong turns because our lack of map reading skills – those end of being the most incredible places of all.

I love the colors an images in this piece – really gorgeous, Orly…and thanks for leaving such a sweet message on my site today – I smiled from ear to ear and my heart was full!


7. Lady P - August 25, 2009

you craft with words so well. i relish an old map, making me think of how easily borers shift, names of countries may change, of times when no passport or boundry line could contain any individual
mostly i dream of the trip itself – i long to roam the globe again

8. aimee - August 25, 2009

the world atlas is one of my favorite books – i am a traveler too! i love the feeling of movement and change you have created in these pages.

your feature in artful blogging was outstanding! i linked to it a few posts ago – just loved it!

9. Lynn Fisher - August 25, 2009

Hello Orly!
I’m So with you on Maps…and apparently I am packed and ready to go. Funny…we seem to be thinking the same thing…hmmmm.

10. Renee Khan - August 25, 2009

Today the picture of your father makes me cry.

Orly how proud I am sure he is of you and your beautiful family.

Guess what I got in the mail. That’s right. I love it.

Love Renee xoxoxo

11. trish - August 25, 2009

I love to use maps in my mixed media creations, and I’d love to be a traveler someday, but since I don’t go anywhere, that’s about the extent of my map usage:( I love your journal pages here, though I think I’ve said it before……I haven’t seen one of your pages that I haven’t liked! Wish I could take your class-
I’m so glad you are visiting me at my new blog, and I have been more active haven’t I? I think it’s made me feel better-I must remember that the next time I think I’m going to take a blog break.
Take care and have a great week!

12. trish - August 25, 2009

Hey again Orly! I just came across this notebook on etsy, thought you might like it:) it reminded me of your post anyways-

13. bonnie - August 25, 2009

Orlyl, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. So glad you did because I’m so enjoying your art! I must remember to thank Brian. Bonnie

14. Donna Watson - August 25, 2009

I saw your feature in Artful Blogging yesterday and liked your collages very much. I am new to the blogging world and just finding my way around. Glad I found you.

15. Donna Watson - August 25, 2009

by the way, I forgot to mention that I also look for old maps and old travel pages– the more worn and weathered the better. I read travel memoirs and so travel is a big part of my work at times.

16. Chad - August 25, 2009

Your a super talented artist!!!

17. ro bruhn - August 26, 2009

I saw your work in Artful Blogging, congratulations. I love your journals, they’re very creative and lots to see, thanks for sharing.

18. allmimsey - August 27, 2009

Just stopping by and loved your memory of maps with your father. My father is also a “mapper” and I loved looking up things with him on maps and globes. What wonderful memories, thanks for reminding me!

19. marie danti - August 27, 2009

Thanks for your comments on Cinnamon Studio! I so glad you found my blog and in return I found yours. Nice synchronisity, our mapping! Your site is fantastic & I have it bookmarked.

20. Donna Watson - September 1, 2009

I love maps but I look for vintage maps… old, worn, yellowed and stained– I like the marks, the history or mystery of the past history implied in the age of the map.

21. elke - September 5, 2009

wow. this is quite possibly one of the most beautiful journal pages i’ve seen… incredible images. colors. tone. ancient. mystical. hopeful. gorgeous work!!!

22. Gil Avineri - September 19, 2009

Maps are and have always been my #1 obsession in life.

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