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Spread #67- Blues Power August 31, 2009

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

Spread 67- Blues PowerThey say that all artists are tormented in some way and that this is why they become creative. There is plenty of evidence of that throughout history, take Vincent van Gogh for example or Frida Kahlo with their blues-powerful art. I had a share of ‘blues’ myself, but I don’t know if I create from that place in my heart, but then again, may be I do…I guess I’ll have to take a deeper look into it one day. For now it seems that some of what I consider my best creations come from a place of contentment…may be my spread today tells a different story…I don’t know. Where do your creations come from? A simple question or so it seems. Today I rather express only the question and leave it answered intuitively in the visual form and not in words…


1. Brian Kasstle - September 1, 2009

Oryly I think I know what you mean. I got some bad news today and I am going to be under the weather a bit longer with no questions answered. If I felt comfortable work on a project I can imagine the work I would do! Yours is beautiful! That little girl has a hint of a smile… and it makes me smile along with your colors.

2. donna - September 1, 2009

It seems that your blues are not really true blues are they, but those mixed with green and purple hues – pigments of passion and reverence, of new life and optimism, of calm and deep and light joy, and they seem to bring a balance and a promise, an upside to the down. Acknowledge the blue, embrace the blue, feel the blue, release it and gradually add to it new color stories to formulate original and vibrant life stories – most effective and fun way to process if you ask me…

3. theartofyou - September 1, 2009

Wow. The question of where your art comes from….. That sure is a ripe, big one. Relates to the quote you sent me today “…I mean, making art
is about objectifying
your experience of the world,
transforming the flow of moments
into something visual,
or textual, or musical,
Art creates a kind of commentary.”
-Barbara Kruger

I think I agree with the quote – sometimes! But art comes from a mysterious place most of the time. From non-verbal, often non-understandable parts of me. That are just as valid and need a voice. I think allowing art to arrive, like an angel from wherever it comes, gives it more freedom. I like that art doesn’t have to be a reflection of my state.
All that having been said, I sure HAVE created art from the blues! And healed myself by doing it.
Discussion to be continued………………..
Thank you for inspiring us….

4. Lady P - September 1, 2009

good question – it maybe when the vision of the art is so overwhelming and the rest of life doesn’t get in my way, that i can breathe it into being

5. Seth - September 2, 2009

I like the concept of journaling pages asking a question. Really compelling!

6. joanne - September 2, 2009

wonderful and thoughtful post… (and gorgeous journal pages with amazing and varied hues)…

for me, creativity is a flow from something higher than my blues or even my happiness or contentment… the moods or thoughts or struggles may be tools through which creativity flows, but there is a source that creates through me that is beyond any of my own shifting inside stuff… i take no credit as the source for that flow… i merely show up and follow where it leads me…

7. Lynn Fisher - September 3, 2009

I love this post…and the artful journal pages.
I go so far away when I’m creating that it’s hard to tell where it came from. A happy place? A sad place? Hard to tell. All I know is when I’m there it’s a sort of vacation for the soul.

8. Anairam - September 3, 2009

I like this beautiful blue page – it is a kind of happy blues, I think. To answer your question, I find it very difficult to do anything, let alone create a picture or art journal page when I feel depressed or down. And when I feel very contented and happy I often do not feel the need to do art. I think I best create stuff 1) when I am in an ‘average’ mood – not too happy and not too sad, or 2) when I am bored, or 3) when I have to do work or some important thing and I am procrastinating. I find that I create in a very haphazard way, for example I’ll find a picture and paste it on a page and then weeks later I’ll draw a doodle on the same page and weeks later I’ll try out some new paint on the same page and suddenly it will remind me of something and I might add a word or two and then it is done. I rarely start off with a plan or with something specific I want to say or express.

9. Renee Khan - September 5, 2009

I say if great art comes from those that are depressed then why can’t it come from those that are happy.

I am glad that Maya (lovely name) like the flying cat.

Love Renee xoxoxo

10. Stephanie - September 8, 2009

Good questions..I feel content the vast majority of the time and feel the creative juices happily flowing, but I realize at the same time I am so fortunate to feel this as many (in my family) do not have this contentment


11. aimee - September 9, 2009

never really thought about this question before! wow! now that i think about it, i can only create when i’m full of good, happy energy. when i’m bluesy i have to do something rote and achievable like exercise or cleaning. something about the feeling of simple accomplishment helps get me out of the blues. beautiful page and excellent question!

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