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Spread #69- A New Perspective On ‘Newness’ September 16, 2009

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Spread 69- A New Perspective On Newness

I remember a long time ago when I worked as a textile artist. My supervisor often told me: “I want to see newness”.  I remember dreading these words as they meant p r e s s u r e! It did get me going though. My sensorial antennas would perk up and I would immerse myself in the search of the elusive ‘newness’. I was reminded of the word lately in a recent post written by my ‘new’ friend and fellow blogger Chris where she presented some interesting questions about the meaning of creativity to her and even more interesting answers about the meaning of newness. Newness. I love ‘newness’. I love the way it sounds. And I love what it signifies. Freshness of thoughts, feelings, approaches to life and art, attitudes to the moments presented to us at the present time, past, and future. It encompasses everything! It’s inclusive of all people, it doesn’t imply ‘for artists only’. The word creativity is over-used, boring and tired. Let’s let it rest. It is stripped of all newness. Let’s approach creativity with newness….fun-ness.  And so I’ve created this…it’s a cover spread to my instructional ‘introduction to art journaling’ journal…it came about after I heard that in the class I’m going to start teaching this evening there is no black board, chalk board, dry-erase board, or any kind of board I can use for instruction…It was so much fun to make.

So if it doesn’t annoy you by now, what does the word newness mean to you? 


1. theartofyou - September 16, 2009

Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic! ” I love ‘newness’. I love the way it sounds. And I love what it signifies. Freshness of thoughts, feelings, approaches to life and art, attitudes to the moments presented to us at the present time, past, and future. It encompasses everything! It’s inclusive of all people, it doesn’t imply ‘for artists only’.”
And have a delightfully new time teaching tonight!

2. Brian Kasstle - September 16, 2009

Hmmm I agree! I can’t wait for class tonight and to start some “newness” in my life! Isn’t it interesting the power a single word can have for us?

3. donna - September 17, 2009

I love all that constant new growth that sprouts out of the top of that head of yours Orly – great fun picture – makes me happy and love your written presentation as usual – you never cease to inspire. Have fun at your newest venue this evening!

Carmen Torbus - September 17, 2009

Just found your blog via the journaling group on Facebook. Nice to “meet” you. LOVE your artwork and your blog!!!


4. Lady P - September 17, 2009

that class would be great to be at – anyone there is fortunate. what you have made would be ten times more inciting of thoughts and “newness” than anything you could write on a board
newness = that which has yet to be explored

5. maz - September 17, 2009

I like that idea- newness. So much better than ‘originality’- which is overused and so-well, unoriginal! Newness is about seeing something you may have seen before, but seeing it differently, rather than always trying too hard to see completely new things. Sometimes what is all around us all the time is the most thriling. I think.
BTW your art journal spread makes me want to give up and prostrate myself at your feet:)

6. marie danti - September 17, 2009

Great entry & I love the journal page. I like the word newness; it sounds bright and filled with possibility. My mantra has always been ‘begin again and again and again; always be beginning’!

7. Catherine Witherell - September 17, 2009

What is new for me is you! I signed up for your class at Journalfest months ago and just followed the link from your Facebook interview today. Hooray, I am loving it here!

The other thing “new” means to me is that so many things have been written about and talked about and done over and over by us “humans” but I think my responsibility to myself is to go see for myself, even if I have seen it all before and maybe, try my best to look at the same old things and experiences with new eyes and a new attitude.

Thank you for asking!

Catherine Witherell

denise (chez danisse) - September 18, 2009

Newness… I see it as making things feel new again, because nothing’s really “new”, right? Just-washed bed sheets, a polished silver spoon, the way you feel after taking a nice long bath–newness…

8. aimee - September 19, 2009

the sprouting pot in place of the head – just perfect! that defines newness to me!

9. Lyon - September 19, 2009

Your post was amazing, and so was the design at the top but it just kept reminding me of New Perspective by Panic! At The Disco. I’m sure you’ve heard it once because of Maya 🙂

10. shannon - September 21, 2009

wow-thank YOU for your sweet words as well. let’s definitely keep in touch and stay connected. happy creating and de-cluttering. i went crazy on my art room today. trying to organize can be so overwhelming and yet…..so freeing!!! ahhhhh. the house is quiet so i’m off for a bath. 🙂

11. beth - September 22, 2009

I’ve had an overload of newness in my life this past year and as unsettling as it can seem sometimes it has opened up so many exciting new possibilities……i’m with you on the fact that newness=all kinds of awesome!

12. Seth - September 22, 2009

I like the concept of newness. To me it means possibility!!

13. joanne - September 22, 2009

i agree with aimeee… love that sprouting pot as the top of the head… that is newness… i like the freshness of newness, the way you can look at something you have looked at a hundred times and see something different each and every time…it can be really easy to become stale and musty, to see things the same way, to get stuck in ruts… which is what is so wonderful about art and photography… not only does it call for us to practice and be open to newness, but it also grows that new habit in us for all that we do in everything in our lives… and even better, when we share our own newness, we grow that newness in one another too…

14. Anairam - September 22, 2009

Oh, what a great spread! I love the drawing – it illustrates perfectly what you mean, the potplant is so clever. For me newness has to do with something being different, something there which did not exist before. Also it implies “growing” to me – because when something grows, it changes, and therefore is always new (different). So, it is a pretty good description for what I want to do – make newness!

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