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Spread #70- My Landscapes And Yours Too September 24, 2009

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Spread 70- My Landscapes And Yours Too

Painter Georgia O’Keeffe once said that nobody could teach her how to paint her landscapes. I can see that. I have ways of understanding this statement. As for me…anyone can teach me how to paint my landscapes. In fact everybody does, always did and always will, even long after they’ve been gone and even when I wasn’t quite paying attention…my mothers and my fathers, my men and my children, teachers and students, friends and strangers and the oh so many in betweens. In fact ‘they’ are an integral part of my landscapes. ‘Their’ topographies, fused with mine, create valleys and mountains, waterfalls, and rich, lush habitats. I am aware of it every day. I am taught how to paint my landscapes by everyone who crosses my path and even for a split second, I am taught by you! Take a look at only a tiny fraction of my present day teachers, a handful of people I’d like you to meet and allow yourself to be taught by them…let them be taught by you.

Dainty Soul Donna                      

Chris Bliss

Celebratory Stephanie

Whimsical Aimee

And last but not least…

Grizzly Cub Brian

(For more ‘painting’ teachers refer to my ‘Creative Types’ list to your right.)

Who teaches you how to paint your landscapes?


1. Brian Kasstle - September 24, 2009

WOW! Orly, I am so very honored. I feel so very fortunate to be in your classes. Your artwork and very gentle way is so very inspirational to me. We can’t view your work or listen to your instructions for class without interpreting it and making it our own. You are so very supportive and encouraging in each and every step. Thank you for helping me to express and become my own authenic self. It is amazing to see how you took this artwork your started in class and to see how it has blossomed into this amazing expressive spread. So much life, color and movement. Such rich texture. As with so much of you work I keep going bach to it and seeing new things and seeing fresh new energy in it. You constantly amaze me and I can’t wait to see the next spread & the next class! Thank you for walking with us on this amazing journey and sharing your amazing, inspirational art journals.

2. ~MAYA! - September 24, 2009

This is, by far, one of your best works 🙂 The colors are amazing, it sort of reminds me of jewelry 😀
you’re really talented!!

3. Lady P - September 24, 2009

your landscape tell me, reminds me, demands me – break free!! let go and just DO
the links are great
and i love when you stop by

4. Jeanne - September 24, 2009

Your work is always so inspiring. It would be amazing to watch you create.

5. stephanie - September 25, 2009

wow is right….I was drawn right into this work…clicked to make it bigger and explore it. Then as I started reading your post…your landscape of hills and valleys…mountains and rivers….such rich imagery.

and I am a link to your landscape!!! How happy that makes me feel!!


6. Seth - September 25, 2009

So much detail in this piece. I could look at it forever and still always see something new!

7. Donna Watson - September 25, 2009

What a great analogy– relating the people in your life to your inner landscapes.

8. Christina Brittain - September 25, 2009

Whoa! This is mind blowing! SOOO rich. SUCH an invitation to explore your landscape! Thank you for this gift! And for how magically you have shaped my own landscape. Wow. I really am delighted, uplifted and inspired by this spread. Wild work, Orly. I love you in this world. And I love you. Chris

9. GyPsY - September 25, 2009

I’m not sure if I liked your words more or your art – but what does it matter, for both are reflections of your soul. 🙂

10. donna - September 25, 2009

Beautifully stated and I am enjoying the deep rich intriguing combination of colors. It’s all just one big collaboration this life, hmmm? So wonderful to be able to explore things with others, put yourself in their shoes and walk around for awhile then take what you learn and what you feel about it, and meld it all together with what you already have in your own experience bank to make a whole new creation. One with so many levels and layers – that is what your work presents to me, always so many different vantage points to observe from – i love that!
Thank you too my friend, for my lovely new nickname and your very kind words!

11. Gil - September 26, 2009

I am so fortunate to have an aunt like you. I really have indeed missed you in my life for so many years, but no matter. I’m now connected through your blog on a regular basis. And in 3 days I’ll see you in person. You rock! I will be so honored and proud to introduce you to my partner when we arrive in L.A.. Love, your NYC nephew. BTW, when I start scanning in my taxi map art on a regular basis, my blog will turn into a visually creative blog, which means you’ll have to consider adding me on to your “creative types” listing.

Orly: You ARE on my ‘creative types’ list…how can you not be…(:

12. trish - September 26, 2009

Love this work! Love the colors and the ‘movement’ of it;)
Hope you have a great weekend!!

13. Renee Khan - September 26, 2009

Dear Orly this is one of the most fantastic pieces I have seen in a very long time. What a great job.

Love to you and your very dear family.

Love Renee xoxo

14. dorit - September 28, 2009

dear Orly,
Your words are always like poetry, creative and soothing! Your artwork is amazing. It really speaks my language!
Shana Tova

15. aimee - September 29, 2009

wow, i feel like i’m repeating all of the other comments here but i too think this is one of your best pieces. it hit me with a BAM and i cannot tear my eyes away from it. you are one of my creative teachers as well. i love how we can all cross paths, learn from each other, and then return to our own spaces to paint our own landscapes.

16. joanne - September 30, 2009

i feel like aimee… we all teach one another, don’t we?… we teach one another through our creative inspiration and technique… we teach one another through the rough spots and trying times… we teach each other about the hills and the valleys and the blooms and the autumn leaves… together we forge our way through the lush landscapes, whether they be tropical forests or barren deserts… thank you for being one of my teachers 🙂

17. beth - October 3, 2009

love, love, love this!
color, pattern, everything about it!


18. Ilan - October 4, 2009

It’s absoluty breathtaking. Not only the art itself but the fact that you can take so many elements and combine them in a way that is eye-catching but not to much. You constantly make me think that all colors can match with these spreads that show your diversity. As a human being in general. Fantastic!

19. Mary - October 6, 2009

I love this…all the color and textures!!!! Just grand!

20. eb - October 6, 2009

yep Orly – I love it too and keep coming back to look again – my environment teaches me everything – deep listening in the Champlain Valley watching the gold increasing…

xox – eb.

21. Shannon - October 7, 2009

Hey there- All I can say is double wow! The beautiful comments everyone has shared is a reflection your beautiful spirit. Happy to get to experience you and your work!

22. Pat Chapman - December 11, 2009

Love this piece! I just discovered you through Artful Blogging. You’re now featured on my blog as a favorite. Nice work.

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