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Spread #71- Every Thing October 3, 2009

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Spread 71- Every Thing

What would make me start messing about on two blank pages of a visual journal? How about…hmmm…a new day…looking once again at Robert Rauschenberg’s art or Joseph Beuys’…Anthropology…guests…beads…topography…typography…graphics…funky fonts…print methods…new brush markers…Japanese papers I just bought at Marukai…students…conversations with friends…Youtube art videos…old calendars…yellowing books…gum wrappers…too much work, not knowing where to begin…a new sketchbook…a new anything…vintage textiles…field trips to museums, flee markets, food markets…listening to languages I have not heard in a long time…memories of sand storms…cracked soil…voices saying it is time…red cactus fruit…other people inventiveness…

The list can go on forever…what would make me start messing about on two blank pages of a visual journal is just about every thing.

How about you?


1. Brian Kasstle - October 3, 2009

Oh you wunnerful amazing woman! Another beautiful page! You have me turning my laptop over and around to look at every bit of your new spread! What is my inspiration for working, er playing??? Blogs(my blog list is GI-normous!), websites, colors, paint, paper. Yes, I DO hoard paper, you say that like it is a problem! A remark from a friend, talking to a child, looking at my childhood photo’s, Flickr, memories from a trip, my list of journal prompts I keep, my garden @ any time of year, shaking off my “fear of color”, spray paint, Heroes, LOST, cartoons, movies, how colors change my mood, events in my life, childhood memories, smells, FOOD!!! Orly, Alie, Tim, classmates, an off hand comment, someting that makes me mad, being in love, memories of love, stamps, images in my head that have to get out on paper, a song, the list goes on and on and changes as I do… Keep up the inspiration and support.

2. Donna Watson - October 3, 2009

yes, it is amazing how many things can inspire us, interest us, spark an idea to try.. for me it is rusty, worn, torn, weathered, old, broken.
It is textures, black and white, circles.

3. Jeanne - October 4, 2009

I use too many excuses not to. Thanks for the inspiration today…no matter how busy I am I need to make time to create EVERYDAY!

4. trish - October 4, 2009

More great work from you!!! What could get me working on a blank page? Your blog (and many other inspiring sites), browsing through my creative books, new paints, anything really;)

thanks for another great post Orly!!
Have a great weekend

5. Chris Brittain - October 4, 2009

Sitting on a house boat in Sausalito right now, I look out at the kithen window at the huge BLANK PAGE of morning. Things like Orly inspire me, help me to colorfully fill the expanse of living. Yay for inspirations such as the deep, fresh one called Orly.

6. Lyon - October 4, 2009

I’ll never be able to understand how you can take two blank art pages and turn them into a spectacular piece of art. If you really look into your piece it shows many odd parts such as an asian man upside down on two sides, and the many patterns around the edges, and also the elegant flowers under the word everything. I depend so much on technology that I never really think of all the stuff you can do without it. You take technology and the real world and turn it into something spectacular. I think I might try that more and see what I come up with.

7. Stephanie - October 4, 2009

Beautiful pages…all this is inspiration. Right now though I think a little nap will get me interested in started a couple of new pages. Just returned from a whirl wind trip to visit my brother and his 24 hour film festival…LOTS of creativity there last night!! I’ll be sharing as soon as I catch a little catnap 🙂


8. Briana - October 4, 2009

I have found the 1000 Journals Project DVD to be very inspiring for working in the art journal!
Also, fall changes, a rainy day or two, and my kitties are great inspiration as well!

9. Lady P - October 5, 2009

i am fascinated by the tow asian figures damcing the edges of the journal pages and in deep resonance with the list of “why nots” we need more of those type of excuses in our day to day existence
thanks for the kind words – i am feeling much better, thank you

10. Roberta - October 5, 2009

I tend to wander to the blank pages when I need to clear my head of “stuff”…it gets me into a non-thinking, just-do mode of art making, and sometimes it is the only thing to soothe the over-worked brain, and stressed out body!

I am loving your blog, your journal pages are so wonderful…full of such depth! I am taking one of your classes at Journalfest (in just a couple weeks!) and I am looking forward to meeting you…and being inspired 🙂

11. eb - October 5, 2009

yep – me too
just about anything and everything
right now
a bed of nails, gratitude and a fez – making my resembalnce to Maira Kalman all the more evident
LOVE your spreads – each one teaching me something new and juicy…

xox – eb.

12. aimee - October 6, 2009

you would make a marvelous anthropologie designer… oh i can just see your touch in their windows and displays!

13. Anairam - October 6, 2009

My list – also – everything! I am constantly amazed (and amused) at how my pages evolve, I rarely sit down with a specific issue or concept in mind – an initial mark or picture kind of morphs into something else and can be changed by anything I come into contact with. I love this page and trhe two figures on it. Where do you source your pictures from?

14. Shannon - October 7, 2009

My daily reflections, the change of the season, space and going inside, textures and art supplies, positive and enriching people and conversations, and my sweet, wise 20-month-old baby boy all bring me great inspiration these days!

15. Gil - October 7, 2009

For me it’s a delicate balance between documenting every beautiful moment I witness and allowing sufficient time to actually live it.

16. Lynn Fisher - October 16, 2009

Gosh…I feel sometimes that i am running around so fast that, that alone is making my color choices for me. I get dressed in black almost every day…i have to change that…thanks!

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