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Spread #72- Discomfort Zones October 13, 2009

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Spread 72- Discomfort Zones

Don’t you find yourself sometimes choosing the same colors for your clothes, your home, drawn to the same images, ordering the same dish at a restaurant? I do! So I wanted to see what would happen on my journal pages if I chose the opposite of what my instincts usually tell me and work with different colors, textures, and images. So voila! It still looks like an ‘Orly’ to me…how can that be explained?


1. theartofyou - October 13, 2009

Still comes through Orly’s eyes and sensibilities for arrangement and juxtaposition!!! I had a couple of friends who would send each other art recipes to see how each of them would interpret them. For example, one recipe might be: make something that uses newsprint, the color blue, a hippo, and string. Then they would each privately follow the recipes in their studio and then later compare. Fun, huh?

Your blog reminded me of that since you gave yourself an assignment, and both methods are a nice way to shake things up and yet (you are right) still keep your own distinct flavor!!

Hoorary for the curiuos artists!!

2. Brian Kasstle - October 13, 2009

I see it as that your work is always fresh, surprising and new! Bold, yet very warm and comforting. It is always so surprising to me to see a glimps of the beggining of your work and then the big reveal here is so astonishing. Your pages are so complex and interesting. Thank you, thank you!

3. Susie - October 13, 2009

achoti, I’ve been admiring your work for a while now. came here via Aimee at Artsyville. thank you for sharing so much beauty in this amazing format.

4. aimee - October 13, 2009

oh, yes, all the time! sometimes i find it really hard to break out of that pattern, but i’ve been in a ‘zone of discomfort’ on a few of my current projects and it is pushing me to try new things. so i love the timing of your post, and i love your experimentation here! while this is clearly still an ‘orly’, it is a definite departure from your style. looks great! maybe this color palette will become part of your work in the future?

5. trish - October 13, 2009

All I can say is I love an Orly! 😉

joanne - October 14, 2009

oh my i’m so happy it is still an “orly”… i wouldn’t want orly to disappear just because she is breaking a bit with her comfort zones… as always, i love to come here to see what you are working on and presenting us all with in thought and in art 🙂

6. beth - October 14, 2009

haha! i do tend to dress, fil my home and paint with the same colors. but recently i too have mixed it up a bit for unknown (ok unexplored) reasons and i love the results…still me. Just as this piece is still you just a slightly altered version and who knows where that will lead….seeking and embracing change is so important in art and life.

7. Stephanie - October 15, 2009

I think it’s a great excercise for sure…to make that effort at change re:growth. Lovely piece…

I heard! about all the rain you have been getting…we have sunshine today!!! Took a short bike ride to the coffee shop and ran through every crunchy leaf I could find…woo hoo!!

Happy Day to you!

8. Seth - October 19, 2009

You cannot take the you out of your work! Really wonderful pages, as always.

9. Shannon - October 19, 2009

Thanks for the simple reminder to step out of the place of comfort!

10. Gil - October 20, 2009

I wear yellow shirts to match my taxi.

11. eb - October 22, 2009

love this one!

xox – eb.

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