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Spread #74- Journal Feast October 28, 2009

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Spread 74- Journal FeastI was never much a person who is into organized anything…always private…always favoring individualistic ways over collectiveness…essentially solitary. However, things have shifted for me while attending Journalfest, a 4-night, 3-day art journal retreat at Port Townsend, Washington State. There, in a stunning landscape drenched in autumn colors I found so many wondrous spirits, just like me people who love fussing with scraps of paper, pasting, tearing, painting, doodling, sketching, drawing, attaching, writing, stenciling, stamping, photographing, layering, image transferring, on pages of visual journals…keenly expressing themselves aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall day long, each day, from 9am to 9pm. My kind of people, lovely people, warm and open-minded/ hearted, ready to share journal supplies, thoughts, words, companionship and lots of laughter. People who journal in any given present moment, without dwelling on the outcome…it felt so true…formfitting to the contours and the shapes of me…elating me. In the same time, and that the nature and beauty of art journaling, ones went to the very intimate places of their hearts. Ones had the choice to reveal or conceal, what to make known to fellow journalers. And then there was that awesome quality of art journaling I often talk about…the understanding that a journal is not a book hidden under the mattress for no one to see nor is it a picture in a gallery for everyone to see. It’s somewhere in between…As Danny Gregory beautifully says about an art journal: “This is an art form that must be experienced one on one!…your head bent over the pages, you feel the time pass. You see ideas unfold and deepen, you see risks, mistakes, regrets, thoughts, lessons, dreams, all set down on these pages, for an audience of one.” I so agree with that, I love the intimacy that journals offer us, the tangibility of the ‘book’ and the generosity shown by letting another human being touch it, use their hands and fingers to flip the pages of a book that someone else touched to make. Beautiful. On a more personal note (yeah even more), I enjoyed learning from other art journalers, in workshops and evening journal jams, some of the best learning came from teaching my ‘Attachment Theory’ workshop to a group of unbelievably kind and ready to soak up every bit of inspiration I was ready to give…willing to expose beautiful sensitivities and show vulnerabilities and therefore making it a meaningful 6-hour workshop. From the hosts of the event, the bursting of creative forces and generosities, Teesha and Tracy Moore, I’ve learned many things, mostly of the endless possibilities of turning one’s passion into a deep well of inspiration to many, many others. So many words I spilled over this post, and yet I feel that my words do not encompass the scope of my incredible experience…let’s just say I am filled with gratitude and bliss…


1. Dawn Sokol - October 28, 2009

It was so great meeting you there, Orly!

2. Brian Kasstle - October 28, 2009

WOW!!! I am so happy you had a good time at Journalfest! Tears actually came to my eyes reading this post. Happy tears for you! I am excited to hear all about it at our next class!

3. carlasonheim - October 28, 2009

I loved your class and I loved meeting you. Thank you!!!!

4. tina - October 28, 2009

It was such a pleasure to meet you and Pnina. I had a great experience too and just wish I could do it all again. Thanks to you both for letting me write my name in Hebrew in my journal. You guys were fantastic!!!

5. Judi - October 28, 2009

Thank you for sharing all of this, Orly! I’m glad you had such a wonderful time and wish I could have been there.

6. Arlene - October 28, 2009

Congratulations !! Orly. I knew you would be a big success.Happy to hear you enjoyed the Journalfest so much. I look forward to journaling with you again soon. Your teaching abilities are great and I am sure all your students enjoyed your class immensely.

7. trish - October 29, 2009

great post! I don’t think, in all the time I’ve been journaling, I have EVER really loosened up. I have little moments, but I have a ways to go……….

8. Chris - October 29, 2009

“I love the intimacy that journals offer us, the tangibility of the ‘book’ and the generosity shown by letting another human being touch it, use their hands and fingers to flip the pages of a book that someone else touched to make. Beautiful.” So beautiful and poetic and HEART filled and authentic. You are all those things. Thank you for sharing your love with the world and growing beauty so effortlessly in this world. YOU are so very beautiful and generous in your own shared intimacy.

9. joanne - October 29, 2009

wonderful!!!!! … i so relate to what you said about mostly having been solitary and individualistic… but i think mostly that has been because of not knowing what it could be like to be part of a group that feels so right, like you found… i am so excited to read this post and feel your experience right along with you… yay for open hearts, open minds, open spirits… yay for creative juice and for flowing together and the sensuality of sharing the creative process…yay for all the inspiration… thank you so much for sharing… your words and images are always so wonderful… i’m giddy right along with you 🙂


10. Seth - October 29, 2009

I keep reading great things about Journalfest, And I can tell from your post that this was a very special workshop indeed!

11. Laurie - October 29, 2009

I heard such wonderful things about your class that I have to go to Journalfest next year to take it!

12. stephanie - October 29, 2009

Orly, this sounds like it was just amazing and magical. What a special time for you and everyone that came in contact with you. Something about this intimate time decicated to journaling and like minded souls.

love seeing it spill out here…


13. Jenny Dover - October 29, 2009

My sister and I sat at a table with you on the last night of Journalfest. You showed us your passport journal and it was just beautiful. I am completely new to journaling and you were so kind to share your work and your insight (your masking tape too). It is kind souls like you that made Journalfest such a wonderful and inspiring few days. I am looking forward to taking one of your classed someday.

14. GyPsY - October 30, 2009

Great post .. and I am so jealous 🙂
Lovely for all who were there, thanks for sharing and inspiring

15. Lady P - October 30, 2009

oh – you are up in my neck of the woods! this sounds like a wonderful gathering. i myself tend to rather like to hibernate and create, valuing the friendship, but liking to be alone, so i truly got the gist of this posting of yours. makes me want to journal – an idea i keep skirting around. i am so glad that you stopped by and had such an inspiring time amongst our water and trees

16. Dawn - November 3, 2009

What a beautiful entry!!! I almost felt like I was there 🙂 I really love your blog and journal pages.

17. Anairam - November 3, 2009

I love this page you made of the journalfest – the warmth and creative fire that it must have generated come through beautifully in this spread. It sounds like a fantastic happening!

18. rcscreations - November 3, 2009

Orly, my sweet! I was completely and utterly blown away by the class…it just exceeded all expectations, and made a huge impact on me! I am so glad we finally met in person…I felt so comfortable in your class, and see a lot of similarities in our art…and in our love for art, and journals, and digital creating 😉 I sent you an email, but I am not sure you got it…but I did want to say THANK YOU for your kind and patient way of teaching…it really made an impression on me, and my way of creating in my journal. Give my love to Pnina, and tell her when I have my cup of tea this afternoon, I will think of her!!!
Thanks you, again…you really helped make Journalfest a very special memory!

19. Shannon - November 4, 2009

Just what I would hope from an experience such as this. I paint with a group of women from time to time and the space we create for each other is real, intimate, kind and celebratory. It’s amazing what happens when mindful souls come together to create. Thanks for sharing!

20. Jane Bumar - November 7, 2009

Your words are so beautiful! You have truly spoken from the heart about the glorious, the magical, the mystical, the connected. I was glad to (sorta/kinda) meet you in dorm 225 (I was in room 16) hearing you talk with Roberta and the gang out in our dorm gathering ground that evening. It was truly moving and inspirational to hear your and Pnina’s story – it’s why we do the art we have to do, because it’s about life and love. I really want to take your class next year!

21. Catherine Witherell - November 9, 2009

Hi Orly! I have been out of touch because after I got home I caught the flu and then two more in my family did also. Finally I am looking at all my treasures from Journalfest and getting over here to say “hooray I got to be in your class!”. You are the coolest!!!!!!!


22. aimee - November 10, 2009

so lucky are those who got to take your class!

23. Maj Carita - November 13, 2009

Orly, I did not take your class, but I sure would have liked to! I heard so much about “Orly and her class” in the corridors and people were so taken with your techniques and with your teaching! If I ever get the possibility to go to another art reatreat and you are teaching, you will be my first priority!

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