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Spread #82- Journalfest 2010 January 29, 2010

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Journalfest, the celebratory art journaling retreat is going to take place in the end of October 2010, in Port Townsend, in Washington State. I AM SO EXCITED. I am going to teach three 6-hour workshops titled Passport to Journal, Mapping Me, and Dia de los Muertos. This is a wonderful opportunity for those of you who have a passion for art journaling, to spend care-free and super creative time with a bunch (~150) of like-minded souls, witness some stunning sunrises and sunsets in an enchanted setting by the ocean. It’s a spot on earth that embraces autumn majestically, with its warm colors, crunchy leaves, pink skies, and all. Can you tell I am excited? Yes, it is far from now, but registration is near. The Journalfest website will be live on March 5 with lots of information and a full teacher/workshop line-up. Registration will begin April 1st (but forms can be sent in before that time). For more information, email Teesha Moore (the retreat organizer) at artgirl777@aol.com

More information about my upcoming workshops and retreats will soon be posted on my blog.

I’d like to plant here this quote that I love so much, by Kent Nerburn, from his book Letters to My Son. It relates for me to Journalfest. “Place yourself among those who live their lives with passion, and true learning will take place, no matter how humble or exalted the setting. But no matter what path you follow, do not be ashamed of your learning. In some corner of your life, you know more about something than anyone else. The true measure of your education is not what you know, but how you share what you know with others.”


1. Brian Kasstle - January 29, 2010

Your classes sound sooo incredible!!! I bet they are going to be PACKED!!! I wish you nothing but sucess with the classes! Journalfest will be a wonderful experience! You are one of the most wonderful, encouraging and supportive teachers your students are going to love them. You have such an amazing gentle way of challenging us to bring out the best in our work. I am glad I am going to be there to experience it too! It is going to be sooo fun!

2. Stephanie - January 30, 2010

This page on the right with the bulging little journal is beautiful! I would love to explore the possibility of attending, it would fantastic to be able to be in your journaling class and meet you!! I am teaching a art, yoga and meditation retreat the first week of Oct…so maybe, maybe…


3. Laurie - January 30, 2010

Goody goody goody! I’ll try to be first in line for the mapping class. I didn’t get to take a class with you last time. I’m so excited about going back to Journalfest!

arlene wanetick - January 31, 2010

I love that quote, Orly! I don’t know if I will be able to make it to Artfest in Oct, will have to see, I am making some big changes in my work life. Please email me offline with a phone # where I can call you, would love to chat about it and tell you more. Hope all is well. LOTS OF LOVE!!!! Arlene

4. Ophelia - January 31, 2010

Your blog is incredible! I will definitely stop by often.

5. shannon - February 1, 2010

i would so love to go to this. i have my list of top 25 things i’d like to do and i’m going to add “going to journalfest” to the list. thanks for the reminder. i would so love to take one of your courses, orly!

6. beth - February 1, 2010

wow! what a great opportunity to share your amazing talent and to grow as an artist yourself….what a great thing to look forward to and i hope it sets the tone for 2010!

7. ⌈βrεtt⌋ - February 2, 2010

Hey orly. I love your blog. It has an amazing design. Im an artist as well, but it seems to me your way better and more sophisticated. Anyways, just wanted to say hi. Im one of Ilan’s online friends. You may remember me, probably not. My last comment on your site was probably half a year ago. 🙂

Keep it up!

8. Maj Carita - February 5, 2010

Orly! Congratulations with getting those classes, they sound great! I wish I could be there!

9. eb - February 6, 2010

this quote is sublime
you always inspire…

xox – eb.

10. The Adventurous Art Teacher - February 6, 2010

Thanks for introducing yourself on my blog. Love your site and I especially like Kent Nerburn quote. That a keeper… it will be shared with my high school students.
Thanks again.

11. Lynn Fisher - February 8, 2010

Oh your class sounds really AWESOME. It is too bad that I’m still struggling with an arm injuring and can’t journal that long…darn it! Some day!!!

12. aimee - February 9, 2010

how delightful orly! i’m with stephanie on the ‘bulging journal’ – i find your photos of those so intriguing. i want to know what’s inside!

13. Paula - February 20, 2010

I just stumbled onto your site… WOW. What inspiration here!

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