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Spread #83- Mustache vs. Beard February 5, 2010

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

Black vs. white, word vs. image, saturated vs. muted, line vs. spot, right brain vs. left brain, X vs. Y, why must I constantly choose? I, personally, lean towards in-betweens. What about you?


1. Brian K - February 5, 2010

Oh I am definatly a facial hair kind of guy… otherwise it’s a pretty gry area… 😉 And when it comes to Orly posts I am all inclusive.

2. eb - February 6, 2010

I am a contrasty girl
shiny and matte,
smooth and rough,
shadow and light…

no facial hair now that his mustache is gone…

love you!

xox – eb.

3. ro bruhn - February 6, 2010

This makes me want to get one of my many journals out and play.

4. Mary - February 6, 2010

Hi Orly, it’s a pleasure to meet you!! I am so happy you stopped by my blog, it lead me to you!! 🙂 Your journal spreads are fantastic and what a delightful blog!! I expect to be visiting on a regular basis!

I love color and words!!!

5. Stephanie - February 6, 2010

paper and tin
yoga and meditation
red and white

I’ll take it all here! as for the hair on the face, I’m all for it!


6. theartofyou - February 6, 2010

Eric has both! And I like both! I like option. I like the inbetweens too – it all depends on the day, the moods, the needs, and what is called for in this exact moment. so I say yes to both and yay to the spectrum! Also, yay to Orly.

7. Briana - February 6, 2010

Yes, it is all about balance, Orly. That is my perspective anyway.

8. joanne - February 7, 2010

yes… i think i live in what is commonly called “the gray area”… 🙂

hope you are doing well… i love clicking through here and just looking at your pages again…

9. Seth - February 7, 2010

I agree with Briana. Balance is where it is at.

10. Lynn Fisher - February 8, 2010

I like contrasts…the white letters in a dark background…the dark letering on lighter colors, it reminds me of theater.

11. shannon - February 8, 2010

my big word these days is “integration”. i feel happiest when i merge things and find myself in the middle.

12. Anairam - February 8, 2010

I like combinations – where contrasting elements are used together to emphasise the strengths/character of each!

13. aimee - February 9, 2010

on my adventurous days, i go for the in-betweens; when i’m feeling insecure, i go for the comfort of the black and white extremes! beautiful thoughts and pages orly!

14. DianaTrout - February 13, 2010

Never B&W, always saturuated and muted, sometimes words, sometimes images, sometimes both. I can’t choose either! It is a pleasure to meet you Orly. I thoroughly enjoyed watching your journal flip-throughs. Your work is inspiring and I look forward to meeting you.

15. Nili Avneri - February 14, 2010

You have to choose when it defines YOU…mostly, i like where i take both. Why O O ? Gam Ve’Gam:)

Love you.

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