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Spread #85- From A Bird’s Eye View… March 1, 2010

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

…which I have to admit, is not my usual view, I see pain overtaking earth, overtaking me. It’s not my usual very own habitual pain I admittedly let linger, the one that’s always kind of there, lying in wait. No, it’s another type of pain; it’s the pain of others. It is the collective pain that comes from being a part of a group; let’s say the human race. It’s the profound sorrow and despair that are the consequences of natural disasters piling up, one on top of the other, one dismissing the previous one, not letting any pain processing take place, permitting for the rushing of intense emotional happenings. Whether individual or collective, how do we process pain, can we? Where in the world does pain go? What does it do, where does it collect, what does it metamorphose into? As an individual, to what extent am I honestly, truly, capable of experiencing unimaginable pain of a whole civilization, culture, nation, located somewhere else from where I am? Am I possibly equipped with the ability of quieting my own little pain in order to accommodate the incomparable pains of others? These questions bother me lately.


1. beth - March 1, 2010

orly…this is a profound and beautiful question. that we have the time to think about it…ponder it…deal with it and move forward in the world means we are fortunate…for that i am grateful.here.now.today.

2. ro bruhn - March 1, 2010

I think most people ask the same question. Why does this keep happening, so many disasters so frequently. It makes one realize we really do have to live and enjoy one day at a time and help those less fortunate when we can.
Your journal page is as lovely as ever.

3. Stephanie - March 2, 2010

We do all feel overwhelmed, is this the cause of a stressed earth? How can any of us process one huge disaster after another. It helps to put your pain out there…to give away healing thoughts freely. That’s really all we can do.


4. elke - March 2, 2010

stunning pages orly!
you are a master of seemlessly blending different styles– photos, drawings, text….. so gorgeous! and heartbreaking questions….

5. aimee - March 2, 2010

orly, think you need to write A Book of Questions to prompt people through their art journaling. you have a rare ability to take abstract notions and translate them to concrete words. you capture emotions that many of us feel but can’t always define. you ask difficult questions but you phrase them in a comforting and guiding way. a master, as elke said. beautiful. love aimee

6. Brian Kasstle - March 3, 2010

Orly, you really do have many, many incredible gifts beyond your amazing art. One gift, as Aimee has said is to ask the difficult questions in your gentle probing, thought provoking ways. You always have such a fresh perspective on things that helps us to see things differently, that helps us to go deeper ourselves in our art. Your art is breathtaking and your deeply felt posts leave us thinking and pondering deeper issues for some time. You see things differently and tend to see the beauty in things we mere mortals tend to overlook or can not even grasp. I have said it before, thank you for helping us to see differently.

7. Nobodoy - March 3, 2010

I wish I knew the answer to this question! I want to care more than I do but why don’t I? When I look into a person’s eyes and feel their pain, I care more than I can stand, but when it’s just images on a TV screen, it’s hard to care as much. My father does. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that he grew up before TV existed?

8. Lynn Fisher - March 3, 2010

We must be wired the same…I was just thinking abpout all of this myself and feeling a little world weary. The news of late has been so bad that you want to stay in bed and pull the sheets up over your head. I like the idea of adressing the pain of others in our journals…perhaps a little collective journal soul searching is a good thing.
Amazing as always Orly!

9. carlasonheim - March 3, 2010

Great line work!! Love these pages!

Thank you for the powerful message, too.

10. joanne - March 5, 2010

questions that have no answers, but do beg answers… because they touch those tender spots in us … those spots where we ultimately know that we are all united in this human experience and the suffering of others is really not something separate from ourselves… so yes, where does all the pain go?

11. allmimsey - March 6, 2010

Where does the pain go? We each hold it like sacred vessels. Beyond our expected capacities. I am especially taken in by the left-hand side. The form getting trapped and hanging on at the same time. This past month has been a challenge to the world and trying times seem too plentiful.

12. Anairam - March 7, 2010

I continue to be inspired by not only your pages, but also the questions you pose. The collective pain of humankind is overwhelming – I think we have all those psychological defense mechanisms in place to switch off from it. If we didn’t have them, and if we didn’t make use of these defense mechanisms, we would literally not be able to live. The question for me is how to open up, and how much to open up oneself to the pain of others, because of course, we can’t live in a completely switched-off mode. I struggle with this. I also feel that people often open up to and try to relieve the pain of others when it is big and widely reported and an issue and geographically removed – Haiti being an example – but the smaller pains, the suffering of the homeless guy that one walks past in the street, or the drunk that one sits next to in the train, those pains are often being ignored by us because they are close up, so annoying somehow …

13. pam - March 12, 2010

beautiful pages, beautiful post

14. patsy paterno - March 20, 2010

Wow! Need I say more? I love looking at your work and will be back. Need more time to savor it. THANK YOU for sharing!

15. linda - March 26, 2010

Beautiful…I really like all the organic style drawings on the left side.

16. vicki cook - April 12, 2010

Yes, a powerful message and one that inspired me to do a rough draft for PAGE ONE of a new visual journal just now!!!! Not an easy task, i might say – all that blank paper – lol. It’s for Juliana Coles’ online Extreme Journalism course called Altered States. I am so glad one of our classmates, Brian, provided a link to you. So many incredibly beautiful pages on my first peek at your work. I will be sure to return again for more of an in-depth look! Thank you so much for sharing your journey, Orly! – vicki

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