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Spread #86- Romancing My Journal March 16, 2010

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

I am now in my rose, flower, sweet, soft, pink, fluffy, and feminine period, and I am not apologetic of it, can you tell? It may not last long though…it’s quite a rarity for me.


1. Brian Kasstle - March 16, 2010

Welcome to embracing your feminine side! We always knew it was there! Your beautiful and full of light and life! You encourage us to look within ourselves and help so many to acheive their full potential! It is only natural you grab some of that for yourself. Here, here cheers! Hurray!

2. aimee - March 16, 2010

there you are! i’ve been missing you. oh, enjoy the fleeting froufrou phase of femininity, my dear! romance away!

3. Chris - March 16, 2010

Hello birthday sister! I LOVE this one! In fact, I’ve been wanting to put up a window sign that says “Romance Yourself!” Yay! Hooray for femininity with no apology at any age! I miss you. Thanks for reminding me to romance myself, my journals, my life. The ‘doorknob’ journal you gave me (as I have come to think of it) is beconning me, but it will have to wait until after my birthday blessing book!
Romance, spring, life and proud living are in the air!
Love love love love love love love love love love love, Chris

4. donna - March 17, 2010

La vie en rose…
I love this Orly, so wonderful to see you!

5. rachel awes - March 17, 2010

oh my goodness! i am soooo happy to find YOU/& feminine you! 🙂
your blog is citris juicy delight & pages rich, deep & inspired.
best blooming flowers & fruits to you!

6. Donna Watson - March 17, 2010

yes I can tell you are in a pink, rose, happy, pretty mood– you go girl! a creative artist should always go with their muse and mood — that is where their best work is.

7. Stephanie - March 17, 2010

and lucky us for this….I am loving these rosy hues and is that YOUR face peeking out? Happy that I can click to enlarge and take in every detail.

so lovely!


8. Jennifer Maroney - March 18, 2010

LOVE your pages… and the feminine side is something to embrace alright! All soft and frilly and yet, there is always that underlying resilience and core of steel. Glad I found your blog, I’ll be haunting frequently! Have a great day Orly!

9. Lynn Fisher - March 19, 2010

Oh so beautiful…I have some time off coming up…out come the paints!!! Oh how I wish I was taking an Art Journaling class with you!

10. linda - March 23, 2010

Sometimes pink is just what you need – beautiful layout! Love all the photos fading in and out, very romantic feel!

11. Christina C - March 23, 2010

lovely pages. the colors are so wonderful

12. shannon - March 24, 2010

hmm…i’m really liking your rose colored sweet self. enjoy the girly you!

13. Anairam - March 27, 2010

Very romantic indeed – you can let it last for a while – one needs these moments when all is light and love and joy! How do you DO these beautiful layers? Oh, I mess around with poster paints and magazine cutouts and so on, but what I ache for is to make beautiful layered jourmal pages like yours!

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