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Spread #88- Shelf Life March 31, 2010

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

There is life on my shelves. They are loaded with stories. And the things on my shelves, if they could talk, they would tell you plenty about themselves. Yes, they would probably tell you where they come from, how they found themselves on my shelves, that kind of thing, and may be even how happy they are, yes they would. Most of all they will tell you what they don’t like. That they do not like to be ignored, or not seen, or be given a one-word name. They would also claim that they are not what most people think of them. That they are not still life, they are not inanimate subject matters. At what time in our life do we start naming to avoid the ‘work’ of seeing? How convenient is that? I see my shelves, my shelves are full of life. What’s on your shelves? Can you see?


1. Brian Kasstle - March 31, 2010

Your shelves are filled with life and love, openness, spontinaity, femininity. They are so very giving & funny & gently challenging. Your shelves make us look at ourselves.

As I look around at the shelves of my home really don’t say as much about me as they do about the collected lives of my partner and I. Here and there I see a shelf that says something about me… I definatly need to change that! Talk about things that make you go hmmmmmm……..

2. patsy paterno - April 1, 2010

My shelves are full of promise- all about I can do this and this and this! And I get excited thinking about all that! Love your journal!

3. donna - April 1, 2010

I too love your shelves, and what fills them may not have the same meaning for me as it does for you or anyone else but every single piece melds together in a symphony so intricate, yet simply can carry me away on a cloud of my own design – inspiring elements in and off themselves that interfuse with my own perceptions creating entirely new experiences and meaning, giving them an additional yet unique richness to that particular moment in time. Your space feels amazing – always….

Pnina - April 1, 2010

Your shelves remind me that simplicity and abundance can exixst together. You know how to add a little color and create so much richness. You can’t help it…So cool.

4. the GyPsY - April 1, 2010

Yes, stories, aromas, images, memories and nostalgia – photos of how things were, words that remind us how we want to be. Histories filled with wonder and joy, and with pain and agony, but mostly filled with hope of how things could be.
Thanks for your comment today. You intrigue me, too. I love your art. And I believe we may be sisters, or at the very least, cousins sitting on the same wall but possibly overlooking some very different views.

5. Stephanie - April 1, 2010

sometimes I realize I have way too much on my shelves and try to edit as the years go by.

Shelves as a metaphor….I am trying to hold on to only that that brings the magic.
I adore enlarging your pages so I can savor the detail…

6. Donna Watson - April 2, 2010

Right now my ‘shelves’ are pretty cluttered– with lots of stuff and metaphorically with lots of deadlines– I guess that is life right now.

7. Seth - April 2, 2010

Love the idea behind this post! If shleves could talk …hmmmm. Great journal spread!

8. beth - April 3, 2010

well my stuff is on jars on shelves so it seems i have lots of work to do……loving this post and the idea of seeing instead of storing. that’s so where i’m at right now.

9. Nobodoy - April 4, 2010

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve discovered that time goes more quickly when you’re making memories but the more memories you make, the more full the time seems to be and thus the longer the period of time and the longer (and more fulfilling) your life seems in retrospect.

10. Anairam - April 4, 2010

A very good question you pose and one that I often think about. I am reminded of someone (and who exactly it was, escapes me now) who said that the act of naming something really “takes away” from that object, and more importantly, blinds us. So, we call something “a bowl” for argument’s sake and tell someone – or ourselves – “I have a bowl on my shelf”. But a bowl can be very round and perhaps deep, or maybe oblong and flattish, and it can be shiny ceramic or glass or maybe chunky pottery. The moment we say “this is a bowl” we rob it of its individuality and beauty.

11. eb - April 9, 2010

over-flowing shelves
always the question
of who, what, when, how and if
and organizing these questions…
shelves overflowing with:
loves – sensual deLIGHTs
more than enough for one life
love gathers…

xox – eb.

12. aimee - April 12, 2010

oh, gosh, orly, i’ve been thinking so much about this notion lately, but couldn’t ever say it (or paint it) as beautifully as you have!

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