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Spread #89- Pivotal Pastimes April 7, 2010

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

I never tire, have you noticed? it’s almost an everyday ‘thing’ to me, the speaking of how deeply I believe that the act of creating is of crucial importance to the success of a life. I never cease to recognize that in myself and I wholeheartedly believe this to apply to all mankind. I know it intuitively to be my own truth. To be creative means to me to be able to create a new or change an existing reality, make something out of nothing. The need to do just that on a daily basis is equal to such needs as to eat, sleep, love, and be loved. I get ill if these needs are not being met. I have known this about myself. What I didn’t know and recently learned is that researchers found plenty of evidence that there are many physiological and mental benefits to creativity.  That was really nice to discover, now my left brain can finally support my right brain and live side by side, harmoniously ever after (: So now I have ‘proof’ of how pivotal these ‘pastimes’ are and I assume I’d think twice before I pull out one of my many ‘very good reasons’ to not create today.


1. the GyPsY - April 7, 2010

Wonderful! I feel that way, too, and I used to wonder why I was cranky on certain days until I discovered that I did not create or bring something new to life or change something. 🙂

2. Brian Kasstle - April 7, 2010

Pivotal indeed! Your always such an inspiratation Orly, so kind and giving gently pushing us to go farther and be more organic in our art & life. I think I’ve developed my “Orly” voice in my head now….along with “Bruce”(quietly in the background) and you’ve helped to me to develope my own individual “Brian” voice in my creativity that was probably always there… he just was not really allowed to have his say. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you’ve done for me and my “voice”. You’ve started a fire in me that can NOT be put out! It is interesting how from a chance meeting you have become a pivotal force for change in my life. Art can change a life you are living proof of that Orly.

3. Connie Rose - April 7, 2010

Good post, Orly. And I love the collage. What substrate(s) do you work on? Your work is terrific!

4. Pat Chapman - April 7, 2010

Love your work. Every time. You inspire me.

5. Chris - April 7, 2010

I HAVE noticed, actually. That you never tire of it. But like you said, it is a basic need like food or love. So how could you? I forgot to ask you – PLEASE SIGN ME UP FOR YOUR ART JOURNALING CLASS AT PNINA’S ON MAY 2. I am going to do my best to make that one, despite it being Eric’s b-day weekend! I mean, how often do I get to take a class from ORLY?!
Keep spreading your light, and thank you for it,

6. Lynn Fisher - April 8, 2010

Truer Words Orly!
I need to create something everyday…or I fell less than myself, and if that goes on too long i do get “sick” as well! So I just don’t let that happen!

7. beth - April 8, 2010

your words ring true yet it is still a struggle to push things aside some days and make the mental space to create. mental clutter, baggage etc…seem to want a piece of the action most days. that said i try to get into the studio every day even if just to prep boards or experiment….it’s the process that feeds me.


8. rachel awes - April 8, 2010

YES! i am with you completely! we NEED creativity for our health & strength & wholeness! & i just adore what’s on your shelf (in the posting below). a big embrace to what is on your shelf…all the colors & inspiration all around you & within you! xox

9. Stephanie - April 8, 2010

Even if I can’t create everyday I SEE creatively. I am away all week working with my left brain…..I frame beautiful views out the windows of this office and notice every cloud and movement of the wind through the branches.

I am also lucky to be able to visit here and get my fix for the morning.

thank you for that!

10. christina hsu - April 8, 2010

What a great reminder this is to me….as I notice how frequently I feel tired. I do need to create more… your class the other day was perfect for me. So inspiring and totally fun! Thanks for your comment too!

11. Donna Watson - April 8, 2010

Thre has to be that creative drive that comes from within that drives us to the studio– and sustains us though the downs, blocks, drawbacks– to once again experience the high of creating something-love the collage

12. eb - April 9, 2010

this IS my life
my whole life
wholey and holy
thank you for naming the ways…

xox – eb.

13. pamcarriker - April 10, 2010

I couldn’t agree more orly! Love your work as always:-)

14. rcscreations - April 10, 2010

Orly…you so eloquently say the things that we feel! How do you do that? 🙂 I think I have thought this about myself for a long time…the absolute NEED to create, but only in the last 4 years, have I allowed myself to really say that it’s OK to have this need. So many years, I pushed it off as “not necessary”, but I see now…physically, emotionally, mentally, it IS something I NEED, and I give myself permission.
Your pages (I am catching up on weeks and weeks of them!) are absolutely beautiful, and full of depth, that I can lose myself into. Thank you for your art, and your words of wisdom…for saying the things that I don’t often say outloud. And for your comments on my thoughts too…very much appreciated!

Enjoy your weekend!


15. dorit - April 11, 2010

Oh, I would be in heaven if I could create every day! I try really hard, even itf I have 5 minutes only.
.But that’s the main dilema of most artists – they need to support themselves otherwise. I think I found a good compromise: I teach art, so I am still pretty close to creativity every day!

16. Monica - April 11, 2010

I was withering inside until I likked off my inner prefectionist and let myself start creating again.
I adore your pages.

17. Monica - April 11, 2010

too funny… KILLED off… there was no licking, honestly….

18. aimee - April 12, 2010

oh, to be in a place where the left and right brain can coexist without killing each other! i’m not there yet, but i’m getting closer. meeting artists like you has really helped me along the way. i’ve learned that creating isn’t just a frivolous pastime, but something crucial and essential to the soul. i love how this page spread shows the dark and complicated challenge that often occurs when left and right unite.

19. Ophelia - April 13, 2010

I found your blog today and absolutely love your art! Your blog is so inspiring!

20. Kathy - April 15, 2010

Your message was wonderful, thank you for reminding me of the need to create & the need to “think outside the box” when it comes to art, people, ideas, you name it! The artwork at the top of the post is visually tunning, Brava! xoxo, Kathy
PS: thank you for stopping by “my place”! Glad you liked the post!

21. Christel - April 18, 2010

Cool stuff happening here.

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