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Spread #90- The Meeting Place April 13, 2010

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

My father told me something interesting once, he said that I’d want to marry the one who comes from many ‘places’, other than my own, that is of course if I long for an alluring life.  Mind you, he meant that ‘differences enrich’ rather than the obvious ‘opposites attract’. That statement encompasses the way I grew up and the way I still do. It carries me to other aspects of my life too, to an attractive vision of how I strive to live it day by day. The meeting places of unlikely elements fascinate me. The matchmaking of things that supposedly do not ‘go together’ is magical; people, religions, cultures, languages, ideas, and concepts. Equally exciting is the pairing of tactile elements such as these; looks, styles, colors, textures, techniques, and materials. Magnetic happenings occur when you let go of the notion that things have to ‘go’ (who gets to decide anyway?). This spread was prompted by the meeting of three art journeyers; Rachel (pastels), Brian (sprayed stencils), and myself  (ink, etc.) to share their ‘ways’ with others and create sheer magic.  I believe in mixed media all the way, do you?


1. Brian Kasstle - April 13, 2010

Ohhhhh Orly! What a cool spread! I love it! So different yet still so Orly! So much movement & life! I loved the class sooo much! It really meant a lot to me to share our “mediums” with others and with you! It was sooo energizing, I went home and added oil pastels and gel pens to my spread. Here is to even more exciting, mixed mediums collaborations coming soon! Hmmmm, maybe we have the makings of a special event class in the future??? XO Brian

2. arlene wanetick - April 13, 2010

Orly, these are gorgeous. Long live collaborations and unexpected discoveries.

3. Kate - April 13, 2010

Hi Orly. Thanks so much for visiting my blog 🙂
I love what you have created here and yes, I do believe in mixed media all the way! It’s interesting, I have been following Brian’s work and what he has created with you for a while…..

4. Chris - April 14, 2010

yes, I do. ALL. THE. WAY.

5. beth - April 14, 2010

i do! i do! and if i do say so myself you are a master mixologist!


6. Rachel Peterson - April 14, 2010

Very Very COOL! Is that “all us?” our materials and such? Wow, amazing what can happen when people collaborate and share! 😀
“Go Together!” I LOVE IT! Thats the spirit of your classes! I’d say, that together, we all create an open, caring, safe, creative environment and GO there together. What a WONDERFUL experience with everyone. I am a BIG fan Collaborations and now mixed media too, I think they can FREE us up for new things, open our eyes, change our points of view! And I love doing collaborative artwork! Your class has REALLY opened doors for me!

7. the GyPsY - April 14, 2010

I love the spirit and the breaking of rules – my favourite thing 🙂

8. soraya nulliah - April 15, 2010

I LOVE mixed media. You can create infinite possibilities and create such depth and texture. I love the unexpected results and not quite knowing how things will turn out but trusting the process. Love the collaborative effort of this piece!

9. Seth - April 15, 2010

A great spread and an even greater approach to life. Mixed media all the way!

10. linda - April 15, 2010

Wow, beautiful spread! I love the mixture and experimentation of things that don’t seem to go together…that is the beauty of discovery. I always want to learn new things, notice the differences and embrace the foreignness all around…that keeps the world always interesting. There’s always something to explore!

11. aimee - April 17, 2010

YES!!! life is so much better collage-style!

sam aka sheila sabatino - April 19, 2010

my mind is a collage—i am a collage !!?!!

love this collaboration—sam

12. patsy paterno - April 19, 2010

it’s more interesting and vibrant that way! Doesn’t get boring!

13. christina hsu - April 21, 2010

Absolutely… So beautiful what you are saying here and so is your spread, as always!

14. pamcarriker - April 24, 2010

Yes I do!! Love it:-)

15. Donna Watson - April 25, 2010

I definitely believe in mixed media and anything goes- so much more interesting and exciting.d

16. Paula - May 2, 2010

So wonderful Orly! I completely agree about mixed media, it’s definately a way of life for me. And yes, I’m in a mixed relationship as well. 🙂
Much Love

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