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Spread #93- The Nature Of Journaling #1 May 25, 2010

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I am a mini-representation of nature, and my journal is a mini-representation of me. My journal and I are all that is in nature…moving and still, continuos and surprising, majestic and simple, timeless and timely, forceful and fragile, mundane and heavenly. We are mountains, trees, roots, branches, leaves, valleys, rivers, wind. We are fire. We are rain. We are light. My journal and I are all that is in nature. I know that for a fact and I am clear about it especially since yesterday when I came back from my art journaling weekend retreat in Crestline, San Bernardino Mountains. It was snowing, and when does it ever snow in the end of May in Southern California? I was humbled by the weather, by the whiteness. I was humbled to witness up close the capacity of humans to be magnificently passionate about their lives, about the process of creating a rich nature journal that is both modest and expansive at the same time and by their capacity to be passionate about being connected with others in some magical ways. Henry Miller said: “The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.”…And I agree wholeheartedly.


1. kelly - May 25, 2010

Sounds like an amazing weekend retreat! Love seeing the pics of covers made in the snowy mountains.

2. theartofyou - May 25, 2010

I’m humbled by the bit of nature that is Orly. You move me. I love you in this world, no less than a mountain or sunset or flower, and more so since we speak the same dialect of nature. HUGE, expansive love to you (from the huge expanded heart you encouraged in me this morning).

3. Brian Kasstle - May 25, 2010

Orly what a wonderful weekend it was. I feel like I still am processing the weekend’s adventures. I think everyone’s journal were turned out to be so extraordinary. Each and every one of them. We used the same subject matter but the results of each journal were so personal and amazingly different. I think it was really a magical experience. I just felt very, very “in the zone”. Orly thank you for “getting me” what I mean is you get how I think, you just look at me and I know you know how I feel. I get tears in my eyes as I write this. I feel very, very strongly that you opened this artistic part of me that is so free and raw, and pure, that I just have to express. For me it was like a very moving weekend experience. The food, the fun, friendship, the emotion and sharing will be remembered and treasured by me.

4. soraya nulliah - May 26, 2010

dear Orly-oh I wish I could have come with you on your nature journal weekend! it seems like it was a deeply spiritual…moving…artistic experience! I love this page you share with us-the colors are rich and deep, the forms organic and lush…so much variety, graphic, poetic, graceful. I LOVE it! I too, love nature. I can sit in front of a tree for an hour…soaking up the energy and talking “tree talk” …

5. Arlene Wanetick - May 28, 2010

I feel blessed by proximity to nature—to the description you share of this magical experience you had….and to you. Love you and miss you. Connected to you like the roots of the same tall tree.

6. Pnina Gold - May 29, 2010

Working with a group of passionate journalers and being inspired by a wonderful teacher made the weekend so special. Orly, you brought up the best in each one of us. Each journal is unique and beautiful. Looking forward to the next one.

7. Gil Avineri - May 30, 2010

Amen! I love you auntie.

8. rachel - May 30, 2010

The Retreat was so Incredible!
First all, I have never ever experienced anything like it! 😀 Who could resist three days and two nights of amazing people, art and nature in the mountains?
Such a unique opportunity to really soak in your fantastic art journalling classes!

The weekend was amazing, start to finish. The group was so supportive, and caring, energetic and pumped up to do some serious art journaling!

I Love how time stopped for us! Really! We were so into our work that we just forgot about the clock!

Orly, I am really proud of my journal -I truly feel like I had several breakthroughs that weekend- and tapped into so much more than I thought I could. I have never had such amazing results in my journal pages before. This time, I really got to dive in- to the materials, to our feelings and thoughts…and when I hit a wall, or had a block- I had the time to stop and reflect and also had a supportive group around me. A weekend of explorations for sure.

All in all, a Fantastic Experience!! Cannot WAIT for the next opportunity to do another retreat with Orly. There is nothing like it! 😀

9. soraya nulliah - May 31, 2010

Hi Orly-thanks for stopping by to read my post on women and creativity. I hope you liked the image of your work that I chose-You are one of the most creative people I “know”! I am taking Kelly Rae’s class right now and it is so much more than I had ever hoped for. I feel so full of possibility and ..well, still some fear and conflict too.
Thanks again for letting me use one of your images:)

10. elke - May 31, 2010

STUNNING piece…. I am always FLOORED by your work. the organic blended with modern, the bold colors brought alive by black… LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

11. Stephanie - May 31, 2010

How wonderful to read the comments from those lucky folks who spent time with you and your journaling workshop.
Mysterious and awesome….yes, this is our world, especially the micro view.

and…snow! oh my, I hope we are done with that stuff.


12. Mixed Media Martyr - June 4, 2010

Love your journaling!!! It is so bewitching to look at!!

13. aimee - June 5, 2010

your post gave me a flashback to first grade, when i was riding the bus home from school one day. every time we stopped at a light, i singled out one blade of grass near the intersection and wondered if anyone else had ever thought about it or cared about it. every few years i’ll come back to that memory – thanks for reminding me of it!

14. ayra k - June 7, 2010

I am made speechless by your words – I could feel my heart leaping as it agrees with you, with your words, with your imagery.

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