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Spread #95- The Nature Of Journaling #3 June 4, 2010

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Sometimes you need to fill up more and more journal pages about one thing, say more and more words, take more and more photographs, think more and more thoughts, feel more and more feelings…until no more is left. The video I made here completes the busy-ness around the subject of nature art journaling. It has that quote from John Muir that sums it all up for me: “I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” I am ready now for going sideways.


1. theGypsy - June 4, 2010


2. Brian Kasstle - June 4, 2010

How amazing! It’s as if your journal took a walk in the park and is sunning it’s self! What a beautiful setting! It is sooo great to see your amazing work up against nature! I really love the shot with the waterfall!

I think your going to need to add some of the photos I took in Crestline and do a part 4… Orly and her journal!

XO Brian

3. Arlene Wanetick - June 4, 2010

WOW—-you are on a roll, girl….wish I lived in LA so I could take classes with you and free myself upt o do pages as looseand expressive as yours. The one you show here is so stunning I wantto hanf it on a wall, it is a painting. And the video….lovely. I GET IT. Nature is the source. What a beautiful gift on a Friday morning. What a beautiful gift you are, dear Orly! THANK YOU.

4. Arlene Wanetick - June 4, 2010

P.S. Sorry for the typos, I was so excited, I typed too fast. 🙂

5. Anairam - June 4, 2010

I decided to take off some time from work tonight and visit some beloved blogs so I have just been going over more than a month of missed posts by you. Your work is so amazing – always inspiring – I really feel like getting back to my journal now. Am in the final weeks of my editing project, and then I will be able to just sit back and let things happen. I was interested in reading about your process below. I always find that my pages evolve over a very long period – I sometimes start making backgrounds – just because I may have some leftover paint, or I stick a found picture or something else on a page , and such a page might lie “fallow” for months – then one day I will see or hear something that will spark me and I will add something to the page. I almost never start off with something to say – I let the page evolve and often a “meaning” or “subject” pops out towrds the end. I like the John Muir quote – although I am not really a nature person. But I think the quote can be applied to lots of different “goings-out” and “goings-in”!

6. Kimber - June 5, 2010

Beautiful art and video!
A great tribute to nature and your journal.
I love the turtles on the rocks!

7. aimee - June 5, 2010

couldn’t agree more – what an extraordinary ride it is to max ourselves out with thoughts and visuals and words, and then bounce back to the extreme silence of nature. somehow we find our balance in between. beautiful, orly!

8. Donna - June 5, 2010

gorgeous, Orly, and what a wonderful setting to frame your life inspired pages – so many memories stored in that Wilderness Park, I especially love that you encorporated all the elements including fire – really wish I had been there for that one – sounds completely liberating…
Synchronicity is a funny thing, after I spoke with you last night via email, we watched this enchanting movie called Neverwas (not to be confused with Neverland), and there were elements in there that so reminded me of what you are doing here in your pages, and an art journal of a magical place – you must rent it if you haven’t seen it yet – I think you would really enjoy it. Have a fabulous weekend and as always thanks for sharing your world!

9. Seth - June 6, 2010

What a great way to present these fantastic journals. And I love that John Muir quote!

10. Briana - June 6, 2010

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this video that you made. I’ve always been a bit confused if your work was strictly digital or on paper. It was lovely to see your paper journals among the beauty of nature. Thank you so much for sharing your work and creativity!

11. Donna Watson - June 8, 2010

I love the John Muir quote– and the video– wow! wonderful– nature based journaling– my favorite too..

12. christina hsu - June 11, 2010

Orly, this is so beautiful and mysterious. I love what you have done…especially your opening photograph and quote….wow. It’s like a secret journey to another world…beautiful.

13. rivergardenstudio - June 21, 2010

Oh, I love your video, your thoughts on journaling, your choice of music… I love it all. That feeling of finishing a book, but not knowing when to stop, how to honor it. The way you brought your outside environment in, and the way your art looks like it belongs outside is incredible. roxanne

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