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Spread # 99- Journal Power June 21, 2010

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The practice of art journaling holds magical powers of clarifying and defining one to one’s self, nothing abstract about that. But clarifying and defining journaling concepts, translating abstract ideas into words, now that’s another story and is not always an easy task to do. With my occasional blockage, I learned to make do with whatever spills out of my mouth, be okay with it, and even find humor in it. With students’ forgiveness I’ve developed my own peculiar jargon.

Here is a glossary of a few of my expressions used often, unexpectedly, at a drop of a brush (hee-hee, hat).

BE GOOD TO YOURSELF- Don’t bash yourself, don’t make declarations about what you cannot do, draw, write, what good does it do anyway?

BUFFET- a side table, offering a delightful smorgasbord of paper scraps, images, misc. ephemera, art supplies, providing inspiration aplenty.

MICROJOURNALING- the undesirable act of obsessively trying to control and manipulate everything that happens in our journals, not letting go, therefore not enjoying the creative process. Not good!

POWER-JOURNALING- a short and quick invigorating prompt designed to not allow much time for the mind to spoil things for us, therefore permitting spontaneous and sweet freedom of expression.

PROCESSED JOURNALING- Journaling that is fussy; latching onto little details, erasing, overly processing, and correcting again, and again.

RAW JOURNALING- Bold, gutsy, daring, free of self-doubt, ego-free. (Antonym to processed journaling.)

RECYCLED IMAGE- a photograph, a drawing, or any element you tend to use over and over again on your pages. “It’s okay”, I say, “it’s yours”, “use it as many times as you wish to”. The repeated use of it makes your art, yours.

YUMMY PAGES- Journal pages rich in content, images, textures, colors, layers, etc., also referred to as ‘juicy’.

Any of your own to add?


1. gina armfield - June 21, 2010

I just love your journal pages- they have such depth and movement

2. Brian K - June 21, 2010

Ha! Mini-journaling or Micro-mini-journaling… using too small of a journal for those of us that tend to work big! You kept saying “bigger” and it REALLY works!!!

I love all your Orly-isms! And we love YOU Orly! You inspire, tease, prod, challenge and encrourage, enlighten, cheer, and champion us to go farther!

Thank you so much for all you do!

3. Lynn Fisher - June 22, 2010

I’m printing these out and tacking them up on my wall! …and now I have some time to journal!!! I’ve long thought journaling to be that “click” when you open a door to a magical place…you just have to enter.

4. Arlene Wanetick - June 22, 2010

Gorgeousness. Especially love “Talk less, journal more.”

5. Donna Watson - June 24, 2010

Thank you… one of the points you make is something I have to work on… Be Good to Yourself– or myself … I tend to beat myself up as an artist whenever I get a small rejection … but I am trying to be more positive and just do my work.

6. kelly - June 24, 2010

I love all of them…will keep above my art table….I got some clear glimpses of these in my one treasured workshop (so far) with you…can’t wait to come up with some more! I liked the idea of my ‘head in the journal’ sort of like ‘raw journaling’ which brought me much peace and happiness!

7. Seth - June 24, 2010

Love your dictionary…and those pages!!!

8. shannon - June 25, 2010

i use “free spirit writing” as a way to express simply writing from the heart. loved returning to your place here – as always. xoxo

9. soraya nulliah - June 25, 2010

Dear Orly-thank you so much! In the midst of so much busy-ness, I m inspired now to write in my journal/sketchbook. I love the way you combine heart+ inspiration + practical tips! Something I love to write in my sketchbook are lists! Of everything! Colors, things i love, even grocery lists! It’s how I came up with my Mortar and Pestle Series and my Politics of Hunger painting! I am going to try your BUFFET and Raw Journaling!!

10. Kim Hambric - June 26, 2010

What an exciting blog! I wish I had been here before, but now I know where to go for inspiration. Believe it or not, I have yet to create in an art journal — one of these days I will.

I love the idea of the “buffet”. That I will work on. I find it hard to be inspired when my studio is clean. I just need to find a way or “organize” my mess, so bits and pieces are always available to me.

11. Donna - June 26, 2010

JUICINESS was one that really spoke to me!
Hey I just noticed on the sidelines here that ART JOURNALING is out – Yayyyy! I look forward to finding you in between those pages Orly – just to let you know there is no link when you click on the picture.
Enjoy a lovely weekend and best wishes with your sweet send off…

12. Gil - July 16, 2010


13. rosita avineri - September 17, 2010


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