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Spread # 101- My Creed July 3, 2010

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

Three times a week I take my daughter to her Kung Fu practice, perfect milieu for journaling. The rhythmic beat of routines repeated, wise words spoken, and philosophies explained by a Sifu (master) encourage mind traveling and heart gazing. If not that, at least a good chunk of time with no distractions and nowhere to go. A perfect opportunity to get a little journaling-on-the-go kit, the one that has just a few pens, maybe some Copic markers, not much more. To go to these pages that were previously started, the ones not quite sure where they are going. Pens begin to make their marks and before the time ends there are paths and connections made between random spots of colors, words defining new associations, a whole map unfolds. A few spots of tea, a bunch of flowing lines, a beautiful Kung Fu ‘Student creed’, all turn into a personal creed, lines forming mountains, valleys, roads depicting a daughter’s world and your own, three times a week.


1. lynda Howells - July 3, 2010

l love this double spreadxlynda

2. kelly - July 3, 2010

this is awesome…i want to visit ‘horse stance island’! love how you connected it all.

3. Christina Brittain - July 3, 2010

For some reason this is one of my favorite spreads ever. So fresh, simple, straighforward – zen..? There’s a clarity and an openness about it. Like fresh air was blowing through as you created it. And I love the layers of connection – to Maya, to ryhthm, to the sweet, set-aside pocket of the world that is within the walls of the kung fu training studio, to tea, to pen, to some space for you to plant your butt and breath and not have to go or do anything. There is a spaciousness about it. And a richness of life that is simple. Ahhhh……

4. Brian Kasstle - July 3, 2010

Ahhhhhh Orly a wonderful spread! A fab vintage map of your creed. Soooo much age and so many juciey layers. Tea stained wonder and depth.

5. Arlene Wanetick - July 3, 2010

Love the concept of Conviction Islands….and that it emerged spontaeously. We don’t have to solve everything. SO often it happens in the doing. Thank you for sharing this inspiration!

6. Jo - July 4, 2010

How lovely! Thanks for the encouragement to take out a partly finished spread and simply work. The creed is very good, and good for a young girl especially.

7. Briana - July 5, 2010

“A few spots of tea”; I love it! Great work, as always. It is also nice to hear how an artist works on the go, or away from the studio. Thanks for sharing.

8. aimee - July 7, 2010

this sings to my heart right now! i’m in the middle of making a bunch of maps, and i just love this one!

9. Donna Watson - July 7, 2010

you have brought back memories of when my youngest son took karate years ago– I would take my sketchbook and art books and use that ‘zen’ time to go deep into the drawing and reading about art.

10. rivergardenstudio - July 7, 2010

Your journal pages, Conviction Islands, are so creative… I can just ipicture your imagination swirling and your pen flying while you watch and dream during this special class. And the way you put all your feelings into words about your daughters world, and your own. I love your blog too! roxanne

11. Stephanie - July 7, 2010

Horse stance islands…love this. I adore how you capture both Maya’s movement in class and the wise words but also create this world! on your pages.

Do the other parent’s look over your shoulder as you draw?


12. rachel awes - July 7, 2010

“a whole map unfolds”/it’s so true!
love to your place, the whole thing. xo

13. soraya nulliah - July 8, 2010

Dear Orly-I just love how this all came together-tea, kung fu, mother/daughter, art…you just have such a way with pulling it all together! I am also very glad re all the wonderful things that are coming your way this year (your previous post)…I am going to pick up the Journal mag for sure-what a treat to see your work! xxx

14. Anairam - July 8, 2010

I love this page – I like how it became a map of your (shared) creed. Oh, how I strove to learn patience! I really did try … but I am only learning it slowly now that my kids are all grown up …

15. Gil - July 16, 2010


16. yasmina - July 24, 2010

Wow this is really really super!
Very abstract and thoughtful, I think.

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