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Spread # 104- Soul Bird July 25, 2010

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

Deep inside me lives my ‘soul bird’ (a Hebrew phrase). ‘She’ constantly reminds me of my boundlessness and I am glad she does, cause I tend to forget. My soul bird is my art. She is my window through which I see farther than my own words and worlds, the opening through which I feel my freedom, loudly, clearly, and oh so sweetly. At times my soul bird flies out and brings with her visitors back to my soul, to ease my casual loneliness. My soul bird is majestic.


1. lynda Howells - July 25, 2010

love the image and the wordsxlynda

2. Gil Avineri - July 25, 2010


3. iHanna - July 25, 2010

Your soul bird is also full of poetery!

4. Christina Brittain - July 25, 2010

Ah – such a poetic way to say that art expands our possibilities! Makes our world bigger! Invites in ways of seeing that just didn’t exist to us BEFORE we communed with our art, our soul birds, our inherent, deeper/wider/higher connection.
You ARE a light. You ARE a soul bird. And we all see more because of you.

5. Connie Rose - July 25, 2010

Beautiful words, Orly. I love your collages, they’re so inspiring. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work with us all. Hugs from another Jewish gal!

6. Lynn Fisher - July 25, 2010

Orly…this is an amazing work of art! I love your soul bird and the images below. This would be a wonderful painting as well…don’t you think?

7. lorraine - July 25, 2010

love your art work and your words … so simple yet so profound!
you are some talent!!

8. Brian K - July 25, 2010

Your profound, beautiful and poetic Soul Bird is wonderful and wild. Thank you for making sooo many aware of their own personal “Soul Birds” and setting them aloft and free. You touch many souls!

9. lisa bebi - July 25, 2010

wow! love you art!

10. judy Wise - July 25, 2010

Your pages always inspire but this one goes even beyond that. Wonderful and thank you.

11. soraya nulliah - July 26, 2010

Dear Orly-I picked up the Sommerset Art Journaling mag and your work is fantastic! Congrats! I know this is not the first time your work has been published but I bet it’s a thrill every time!! I loved all your practical tips and techniques. They really speak of capturing/recording the essence of the place, the person and time and space. I only wish I had known some of these techniques on my past travels! You are so inspiring…and your posts …thought-provoking. I especially love the “empty” post below…In Buddhism…become empty.

12. katie kendrick - July 26, 2010

inspiring beauty here, thank you 🙂

13. gina armfield - July 26, 2010

Oh I love this piece and the meaning behind it – but then again I love all of your work!

14. Donna - July 26, 2010

I have been moved…thank you for that…

15. Ophelia - July 26, 2010

Such an awesome page and such a fabulous post! Very inspiring…thank you for sharing this!

16. Elise - July 27, 2010

You have put into words the exactly how I feel! What a beautiful page, your art is an inspiration and your words are my words. Thank you for challenging yourself over and over again!

17. shannon - July 29, 2010

every time i visit you i just want to dive deeper into my own journal. thank you for continuing to be a source of great inspiration to me. xoxo

18. beth - August 1, 2010

i’m looking for my soul bird…thank you for inspiring me to find her soon!


19. Donna Watson - August 1, 2010

how lucky for your 14 year old son to get to go to Japan– I was a lot older by the time I got to go…
love the ‘soul bird’ in you– so creative and artful.

20. aimee - August 2, 2010

‘soul bird’ is a brilliant phrase – i’m going to start using it! i love how you always get me thinking about something soulful when i come to visit.

21. rivergardenstudio - August 3, 2010

Dear Orly, your soul bird has flown over
and given me your message.
Art is boundless.
The window is open.
We are all here for eachother
for an artist can be lonely.
You are majestic!
(at home at last)

22. Stephanie - August 9, 2010

Your soul bird is finding refuge here…I am sorting through ideas of time and sacred spaces. The idea of a soul bird resonates deeply with this idea.

thank you for giving my thoughts new wings.


23. rachel awes - August 9, 2010

i loooooooooove your soul bird!
brilliant! xoxox

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